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At the age of 25, I finally came to grips with the fact that I had an unmanageable addiction. I had trapped myself in a hopeless paradox of having to work to support my habit, and having to maintain my habit to work. I remember thinking I would die before I reached the age of 30, but thankfully God had other plans for my life.


Both my parents battled addiction and from a young age I desired to break free from that lifestyle. I attended the University of Oregon for three years until addiction found me and stole everything I fought so hard to create. Now I can’t wait to discover what God has in store for me and my future.

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There is Power in our Testimony

I arrived at Adult & Teen Challenge broken, separated from my children and addicted to drugs and alcohol… with God as my cornerstone I have been able to rebuild my life and restore my relationship with my wife and children.


I tried so many times to get clean on my own. I tried every secular treatment facility. But I kept failing every time. I didn’t feel like there was any hope for me. 


I pressed in around the clock, devoured His word, studied every word on every page. I was consumed by God’s love and His power! His Spirit was flowing in that program and I was in love with it. I would look in the mirror and see transformation.


Recovery and Redemption

Damick’s Story

I knew at a young age I had a good sense of right and wrong, and I attended Catholic church, so I was fed scripture that I still know today. That was the birth of Christ in me but I did not accept Him until September 11, 2016 when my life was completely broken. I need Jesus. Without Him my life was full of theft for drugs, and full of lies, death, and destruction. I was hopeless and trapped in complete misery.

This cycle went on for many many years. I do believe God loves who He corrects, so I also believe He had me broken so I would come to Him, to show how much I really need Him and I thank Him for that, because since I put my faith in Him on September 11, 2016, I have had hope and true joy. And I am a child of God!

Damick, Portland Metro Campus

Freedom from Bondage

Kayle’s Story

I grew up the oldest of four. My father was a pastor, and my mother showed me a near perfect example of a Christian woman. I grew up knowing what was expected of me. I was an honor student, involved in leadership, cheer, volunteer work, and attended church on Sunday.

So, it was a total surprise to everyone in my life that I fell into a deep opiate addiction. Addiction held me captive for eight years, until I was introduced to Adult & Teen Challenge. My life has changed! I encountered God’s love in a radically different way. My deep desire to pursue Christ is renewed, and I find my strength Him!

Kayle, Graham Campus

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Hope NW provides Recovery, Humanitarian, and Treatment services to the Pacific Northwest, operating in five states with global partners. We put Hope within reach, because people matter.


Pacific Northwest Adult & Teen Challenge provides services for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.


Hope Outreach focuses on Mobilization, Relief, & Transformation for populations in the margins.


Life Renewal provides licensed outpatient treatment for men and women seeking recovery services who cannot receive residential long term services.

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