Gary Bennett

Since 1987, I have had a calling to minister to men.  Having grown up in an athletic environment, I was always participating in sports and being around men.  Having competed against them and with them, I find that God has given me the opportunity to be an encourager and opportunities to counsel them most of my adult life.  I have great compassion for men but I don’t have a problem “correcting” a brother gently when there is a need to do that either.

Having the opportunity to Pastor a Men’s Ministry program in a Sacramento church and volunteer in a par church ministry called “Point Men”, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to receive wise counsel and instruction from a number of great leaders in the ministry on how to help men be successful with their families, their businesses, and in their communities.

Having the experience of marriage to one woman for over 40 years has given me an insight on how to navigate pitfalls and obstacles in a marriage.  This has given me the opportunity to speak into men’s lives on what it takes to be successful in dating, courting, marriage, and raising children.  I would not change anything for the good and bad experiences God has allowed me to go through in shaping and molding me into the person I am today.

I grew up in a small town in Nevada with much love in our home but with the dysfunction that comes from a home that doesn’t have Christ as the focal point of their life.  The few times we did go to church as a family I can remember always being moved when I was a child with the stories from the bible about Jesus.  Even as a small child I seemed to know that God was moving in my spirit.

This job as Executive Director of the Men’s Teen Challenge program is what God has been preparing me for all of my adult life.  I love each and every man that walks through our doors because I know has moved them to make that decision regardless of what they may think.  Most men come to us because they have come to the end of themselves and are willing to try and see how God can help them heal from the things that are making their lives miserable.  Typically, these men are ready for change and very moldable.  Frankly, this is a perfect time for us to help them help themselves back into a whole and healed life.

I am honored and blessed that God has called me into this ministry.  I hope that you will pray for us and this ministry for God’s continued blessing on us and the men who come here to make a good change in their lives.