My name is Dustin and I am 24 years old. I have 2 older brothers and I grew up in California in a rough part of town. I spent a lot of time being on my own growing up. Being alone so much led me to stealing beer at age 13 and smoking weed at age 16.

To:  Every Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Niece, Cousin, Sister, Wife and caring female friend of an addict.

A year in the life of an Adult & Teen Challenge student is difficult. However, we routinely hear that it was the most rewarding year of a student's life as they are renewed in mental, spiritual, and physically health.  They receive a new outlook on their life. Each year we see more and more lives transformed and families restored.


Matt is our newest alumni as of September 2014. We are extremely proud of Matt, and we're excited for the future that he has taken back and is now using to serve the Lord. Praise God! Take a minute to watch as Matt tells his story. You will be glad you did!

Jason Koland

Without the Teen Challenge program and Jesus Christ, I would more than likely be dead by now.

Jeremy is a student at the central Oregon Men's Outreach. He tells his story of drug abuse, his breaking point, and finding salvation and sobriety in Jesus Christ. Jeremy has come a long ways since he entered our program on September 13, 2011. We are looking forward to what God has for Jeremy after he graduates. Way to go Jeremy!!!!

Jeremy Rhey, Central Oregon Teen Challenge

I grew up in a broken home without discipline. I was picked on as a child due to a speech impediment ... I started using marijuana at the age of 13 and that opened up the doors for me to use other drugs. I was a full blown meth addict at the age of 15. This drug numbed me and took my mind off the realities of life...

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