To:  Every Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Niece, Cousin, Sister, Wife and caring female friend of an addict.

As the mom of a recovering addict, I have felt every emotion that a human can feel.  Love and joy at the first sight of my beautiful son as he was born.  Pride and adoration watching him with all of his antics and energy grow into a young man.

Grief (sometimes so strong that it was as if my heart was breaking), confusion, guilt and terror as my son went into and through the stages of his addiction.  I remember times of desperation when I would be out in the middle of the night searching neighborhoods that I would normally be afraid to go into in the daylight hoping to find him.  My life was a series of these searches including calling all of the local hospitals and clinics and checking with law enforcement agencies hoping he was still alive.

I remember feeling relief when he was not hurt or worse.  I also felt at times relief when I would learn that he had been arrested again.  At least I knew where he was and that he was safe for a moment.  This by the way went on for years.

It was during one of his many incarcerations that an opportunity was given to him to go into and through the Teen Challenge program.  I was apprehensive because I wasn’t sure he was ready and I really didn’t know that much about the program.  It was a rough road for all of us, realizing and coming to terms with how hard this was going to be.  What I didn’t take into consideration at the beginning was that we really didn’t have control.  God did and it was only through his grace that we were all here for a reason.  I watched again with love and joy as my beautiful son was born again.  He was given a chance to embrace God and what the program was there to offer him.  I now again have the pride and adoration watching him (with all his antics and energy)  become the amazing, caring man that I always knew he could be.

Now as my son has completed the initial program, will be graduating from the internship program and has been offered a part time position to stay on with the program to help other men, like those in your lives who need the help that only this program is able to offer.  My life is now filled again with joy that he has found his way through and is excited to use all of what he has been through and learned to help others. 

I see only a bright future of health and happiness for him as well as our entire family.  The excitement that he has to spread the knowledge that he has to help others is more than I ever dreamed would happen.

With all of my love and appreciation to God and the Teen Challenge family.  Thank you for giving me my beautiful son back (with all of his antics and energy).

- Mom