Well, so far this year has been great! We have seen a total of ten student interns graduate from Teen Challenge Ministry Institute this year. Seven out of those ten were hired either by a thrift store or center within our organization. That speaks highly of the vision that we want to see: future leaders being brought up through our own ranks and organization.

We currently have 13 interns enrolled, and there are internships open at our Centers, Thrift Stores, Administration office, and at TCMI.

Our February 2012 Intensive was a very successful time of great team building and awareness. Each intern learned how important they are to the Teen Challenge organization as a whole. Besides the focused training and classes that built on leadership, our interns had the chance to enjoy a relaxing time at the local bowling alley. We are currently working on preparing and organizing our upcoming June 2012 Intensive.

My current goal is to finish fine-tuning our curriculum to have an optimal impact at each step of an intern's journey. We are helping interns balance TCMI, personal life, and ministry at their center. Interns have to develop these three areas to be successful and continue strong throughout their internship year.

God Bless,
Pastor Kyle Randleman