Are you tired of being caught in a cycle of trying to do good and failing? Do you feel as if there is something better for you then the life you are currently living and need someone to believe in you again? Maybe you love the Lord but find yourself facing some life controlling issues and there seems to be no hope for freedom? Or maybe you have never even encountered God and want help and are willing to try anything at this point? Adult & Teen Challenge is that place. We are a 12-16 month program that fosters a relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord. We will help you to uncover the issues that have led you into addiction and walk with you through the healing process of letting go of the past and stepping into the new life that the Lord promises you. We will help you step out of regrets and shame and accept the love that Jesus offers you. We will teach you to walk in the grace that Jesus offers you and have the courage to step into a new life with Christ. If you are willing to be honest and admit that you cannot do this alone and you are broken and ready for God to step in then please call us today and set up a time to talk with the intake coordinator.

There is hope for you. God loves you and has a plan for your life. In your darkest places he has been there calling you out of that darkness. Listen to his voice today and step out of that old life and let go. Let God help you to make the choice today. We are praying for you.