The Graham Women’s Center is a place of healing, hope and restoration for women who are 18 and older. We are located in southeast Pierce County in the rural community of Graham, Washington, just 45 miles from the entrance to beautiful Mount Rainier National Park or a short jaunt to the city of Tacoma. The Graham Women’s Center is nestled amongst stately Fir and Alder trees in a private five acre setting. The home is warm and peaceful and visitors feel comfortable and welcome here.

Working with a maximum of fifteen students, our qualified staff members give biblical training through devotions, chapels and classes. Our goal is always to train the students to live by Biblical principles. There are many topics covered such as self image, rejection, anger, self-control, restoration of relationships, choosing safe people as well as several other subjects indicative to the individual student. Students receive one-on-one biblical counseling on a regular basis as well as crisis counseling as needed. There is a high level of accountability for each student in the areas of assigned class projects, group activities, work details, daily living skills, personal growth and Godly behavior.

Stewardship, a good work ethic and learning to serve others are taught as valuable life skills. The students learn these objectives by participating in supervised off-site work details such as providing a custodial service to our home church, working security at various seattle-area events, serving and cooking meals at the center, and maintaining the center household.

The women participate in several monthly outreach services at churches, youth groups and/or community events mainly throughout western Washington, but occasionally traveling to Oregon or Idaho. It is not uncommon to see their God-given talents and gifts come alive as they minister through testimony, prayer and music. Because of their ministry, young people are challenged to stay away from the dangers that produce life-controlling problems and loved ones and families are given a new hope for their lost ones.

The students’ changed lives are a fresh reminder of the miraculous power of the Good News. The students are encouraged to have regularly scheduled visitation with family members and can apply for pass privileges during the later stages of the program. Family restoration is encouraged in the lives of each woman and opportunity is given for loved ones to see the ongoing changes made in the lives of each, as they endeavor to become more like Christ.

The Graham Women’s Center offers a 12-14 month live-in program. During this time a student will complete the Teen Challenge Curriculum (PSNC-Personal Studies for New Christians and GSNC-Group Studies for New Christians) and work through personal counseling goals. At the end of her residential stay she will receive a Completion Certificate and begin a six-month re-entry phase to reintroduce her into the community while still under the mentorship of Teen Challenge. Bi-annually we have a celebratory graduation service to honor those who have completed their residential and six-month aftercare portions of the program. Each lady receives a beautiful Teen Challenge Graduation Certificate to display proudly as a reminder of her hard work and dedicated life to Jesus Christ.

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Teen Challenge divides its ministry into five phases. Each of the Pacific Northwest Centers is accredited by the national office to operate one or more of these phases. The Graham Women's Center program consists of Phases III, IV and V.

Phase I: Basic Confrontational Evangelism

The purpose and method of this phase is to conduct evangelism outreach directly to the people through street meetings, jail and prison service, help-line, substance abuse programs, drop-in counseling, literature distribution and other outreach efforts.

Phase II: Short-term Residential Care, Crisis Intervention & Referral

Persons with life-controlling problems are provided a place to stay long enough to meet the immediate crisis, to receive a clear witness of the gospel, and to evaluate whether they need or desire the long-term discipleship training offered by Teen Challenge.

Phase III: Induction

This is the beginning of the discipleship process. It involves three months of Bible Study and character development. Individuals are provided opportunities to develop new habits and attitudes. Students graduate from this phase and go on to phase IV.

Phase IV: Training Center

The individual is now prepared to start the nine-month residential phase. The student continues to develop Christian growth by strengthening attitudes and habits in commitment, daily living, honesty, responsibility, and respect. Emphasis is placed on good work habits. Wholesome relationships with family, the local church and community are stressed.

Phase V: Reentry

Commonly initiated by another phase, this phase often involves one or more of the following: temporary housing, personal and family counseling, assistance in finding suitable employment and church fellowship

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Why Choose Teen Challenge?

  • If you are looking for an organization which has a proven track record of providing life transforming programs which have been tested over time,
  • If you are looking for long-term residential care for yourself or for a loved one who is struggling with life controlling issues,
  • If you or your loved one need to enhance their life management skills, If you want this care provided in a disciplined, warm, loving Christian environment...

Then Teen Challenge is for you! The Adult Programs are successful in assisting individuals find freedom from addiction, assist in restoring broken relationships and rebuild the individuals self esteem.

Review the information you find on this web site, take some time to pray and ask God for guidance, and then if you believe we can assist you, pick up the phone and give one of the centers a call. We are here to serve those who are in need of life transformation.