Teen Challenge Montana Women's Outreach Residential Center is a faith-based facility located in the heart of Missoula, for women 18 years and older who desire to be free from life-controlling problems such as drugs, alcohol, and other destructive behaviors. Caring, loving, and generous supporters keep the doors open to this non-profit ministry. Montana Outreach is not funded by any state, federal, or local tax dollars. Teen Challenge International was started over 50 years ago in New York by David Wilkerson, author of "The Cross and the Switchblade."

Teen Challenge is open to assist all who are able to function in a live-in setting. Women that have severe limitations are referred to organizations where they can find the care required for their special needs. Psychotic drugs, mood altering drugs and narcotics are not allowed at all.

Incoming students should de-tox before entering the program. There are de-tox centers in most communities. In the Missoula area call Providence Center at 406-327-3300 or go to Missoula Community Hospital for referral.

Typically Teen Challenge lasts 12–18 months, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Emphasis is placed not on the amount of time, but on the evaluated progress of the individual as to when they complete.

We estimate that it costs about $2500 each month per student, to provide this residential program. Individuals and families who can help meet this financial need should do so. Those who cannot fully meet the need are asked to support by contributing toward a student scholarship which is equal to half of the monthly cost. Sponsors may include family members, friends, churches, businesses, or other concerned and caring individuals.

No student will be turned away from the program for lack of funds. The financial reality of program costs, staffing, and room and board must be met, and to provide these services, students participate in work experience programs. These programs not only provide funds to meet expenses, but they also provide vocational training and develop a positive work ethic. Teen Challenge raises the remaining funds through car washes, fundraisers, and faithful supporters.