Make A House A Home

The student housing apartments at the Portland Metro Campus are in need of a makeover. These eight apartments are housing men who have a desire to regain control of their lives by breaking free from drug and alcohol abuse. We are asking for your help for this remodel project. Your gift will make a huge difference in someone's life!

building_1.jpgHere are a few pictures of the progress that has been made on the Graham Campus building project during the last few months. We are so excited to see the project take life.  This is going to be a dormitory to house 24 more women who need help and want to come to Teen Challenge to change their life.

We have “Raised the Roof” on the old dining area and are almost ready to officially move into our new Commercial Kitchen and Dining area. Our hearts are filled with anticipation as we put the finishing touches in place to pass the building inspection that will license us to put to use the opportunity that God has given us.

Listen as Stevee tells her inspiring story of how she found freedom in Christ.

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