Hello, my name is Jeremy. A little about me; I was born in 1972 and adopted shortly after. Unfortunately I lost my adopted dad when I was a toddler and my mom raised me ever since. I grew up in Ephrata, a small town in Central Washington and graduated from there. I loved playing football and baseball, and was also active in band and jazz band.


My name is Jake, I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada, and I had a pretty normal life growing up. My parents moved from southern California when I was 5. My dad and mom worked very hard to build their reputation in a new town. I would follow my older brother around and bother him all day long. Then he would beat me up for making him mad. I think that’s just part of being a little brother.

I was born and raised in Klamath Falls, Oregon. My early years were a mix of adjusting to my parents’ divorce and learning how to suck it up and keep moving. After years of seclusion and homeschooling under my grandmas tutelage; my dad, younger brother, and me moved into town. I quickly exploited my new freedom by exploring all the ways I could get into trouble. I started with marijuana and alcohol but progressed quickly to anything I could get my hands on.


I’ve lived in Eugene, Oregon or the close surrounding areas all of my life.  Growing up, I never dreamed of having life-controlling addictions or making decisions to serve a life of slavery over my family. 

I had what I considered to be a normal, even privileged childhood.  I got to play sports, my family was very close, always going camping and enjoying lots of outdoor activities.  This kept me pretty grounded throughout my adolescent and young adult years.


I grew up in a loving family and in the church.  I always struggled in school — comparing myself to others and thinking I was not good enough.  I was dealing with rejection, shame, and doubt.

The life I led before I knew the Lord was one of destruction, confusion, and emptiness.  I grew up pretty typical.  My parents got a divorce when I was young, and my mom got remarried.  This came with a lie from the enemy that it was somehow my fault that I was not loved by my father; that he left me and did not care about me. 


I came to Adult & Teen Challenge because my life was a neverending hole of heartless, selfish decisions consumed by drugs, women, and the search for acceptance in all the wrong ways and in all the wrong places. 

I was raised in a Christian home, but I was never truly interested in being a Christian myself.  All church ever was to me was another wasted Sunday that could have been better spent on the river fishing with my dad.


My name is Corey and this is my story.  I grew up in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  As far back as I can remember, my family life was a mess. My dad drank and partied a lot, and my mom worked more than I saw her.  My dad’s drinking lead him to having anger outbursts towards me which made me feel unwanted.  What sealed the deal with feeling unwanted were his physical attacks. 


My name is Chris, and I am 20 years old.  Growing up, I had loving parents who loved Jesus.  We went to church every Sunday, and at a very young age I had a relationship with God.  I was privileged, and had great opportunities.


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