Meet the Tri-Cities Campus Staff

John Davis

Education Coordinator

My name is John Davis, and I have been married to Linda for thirty one years. We have between us a big family, 6 children 13 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren. I was raised in a Christian home and have always had a relationship with Jesus with varying intensity throughout my life.

During the last 25 years I have held positions of leadership in many different capacities including being President of "Shelter of Love" which was a half-way house for men of all ages. About 7 years ago I started volunteering at the Tri-Cities campus of Pacific Northwest adult &Teen Challenge and have experienced a new challenge, but with the guidance of the Holy Spirit I have been able to adapt and learn. I do not come from a back ground of addiction, crime or homelessness, so I have been completely reliant on God to give me discernment and wisdom in relating to each of the students in a way that is relevant to where they currently are in life spiritually, emotionally and educationally.

Two years ago I was put on staff as Education Coordinator, wow, getting paid for a position that I enjoy doing! My reward is seeing them leave no longer addicted or controlled by a substance, but on fire with a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ. They are no longer bitter, angry and carrying around un forgiveness.  Instead they are free, full of love and a new creation.

Clayton Clements

Ministry Staff