To:  Every Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Niece, Cousin, Sister, Wife and caring female friend of an addict.

How John Found Freedom

John is one of our students who was asked to share his testimony at our Tri-Cities Campus first annual Pies and Ties event. His story is really touching because it includes a stranger named David — an average joe — who took time out of his life that could have been spent with his wife and five kids. Instead he went to the prison and facilitated a bible study and fellowship with some of the inmates.

Brennan Williams

My journey to Teen Challenge was a very trying and intense time in my life. Growing up I had always excelled in athletics, whether it was baseball, football, or even basketball. At the age of 10 I got really involved in baseball and found my identity in that. Succeeding in sports seemed to please everyone around me, so if they were happy I was happy.

The Tri-City Herald has published a story covering the grand opening of the Pasco Thrift Store:

My name is Nathan Matchett, I’m 22 years old and I was born and raised in Forks, Washington. This is my testimony, I grew up in a Godly home where my parents were Christ followers and I knew who God was and what was right and what was wrong.  Growing up my mom and dad instilled Godly values and I had structure and discipline. Being involved in the Assembly of God I even went through the Royal Ranger Program and eventually became a leader in it and learned the importance of being a Godly example.

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