One of our Tri-Cities Women's Jail Outreach students said this about Christie* who has been locked up with her the past month:

"You know, Christie has really changed from the person I knew. She's calmer and gets along better than before. When we get all worried, she just tells us which verses from the Bible will help. She is confident now, and I know that when she leaves for prison soon, she will be ok."

“I just called to let you know I am approaching 14 months clean; I can hardly believe what God is doing in my life.

Thank you, Teen Challenge, for believing in me and helping me grow in my faith.” – S________

I was lost and lonely, in search of a family where I could feel like I belonged. Since I have found Jesus and His hope in jail, I finally have that feeling of belonging I had been looking for. – S.

My life was a real big mess. I had lost my family, my car, my house, everything, including myself. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. In jail I hit my knees, opened my bible and cried out to God. Since I’ve trusted Jesus I am rebuilding my life with my mom and my kids. I have put God first in my life and I am 70 days clean. Thank you Jesus! —T.

The Tri-Cities Women's Jail Outreach ministers to women incarcerated in the Tri-Cities area.

The Tri-City Herald has published a story covering the grand opening of the Pasco Thrift Store:

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