Pacific Northwest Adult & Teen Challenge



September 11, 2018 News

Spiritual Emphasis 2018, Medical Lake, WA

This past weekend we held our 12th annual Spiritual Emphasis. We closed down all our centers in Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho to spend a weekend together as a region and to celebrate all the Lord is doing in the Pacific Northwest. What weekend of rejuvenation and fellowship! Scroll through to see a few snapshots from this weekend.


August 30, 2018 News

Seattle Men’s Center

What an amazing summer this year so far for Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge- Settle Campus and for the men in the program. We’ve enjoyed great weather and  fellowship with a community of faith this summer. “Who said recovery from addiction can’t be fun”. Here are some pictures of a day of fun free from drugs and alcohol.

Central Oregon Men’s Center

We just celebrated the graduation of one of our students who will transition into phase 5 as well as the completion of Brandon and Austin our phase 5 students who are going back into the community. These students going back into the community are both connected with local churches, doing ministry as youth group leaders and active in their respective congregations. Currently we are working to revamp our mentor-ship so that our students upon graduating and leading up to graduation will have a spiritual adviser who can offer mature guidance will decisions, relationships, and life after the Teen Challenge program. This will especially be helpful to our graduates who do not do the internship or phase 5 upon completion. Our Director and a vital volunteer of 8 years will be developing the mentor-ship method and manual for the betterment of our students.

Tri Cities Men’s Outreach

The men were able to celebrate the 4th of July at the Tri City Dust Devils baseball game with fireworks afterwards. Everyone had a blast!

A Family Weekend was held in July where over 30 staff, students and family members joined together in fellowship and worship through the scheduled activities over 3 days.

We celebrated with 2 students, Jake & Chris, who completed the program and moved onto the next step in their walk by continuing in the program as interns.

Willamette Valley Men’s Center

Each month the students, interns and staff of Willamette Valley Men’s Center are invited to attend the Men’s Breakfast at Willamette Community Church in Albany. Surrounded by other believers our students have the opportunity to fellowship, worship, hear a good message and eat a great breakfast. This month Michael D. was able to share his testimony and Executive Director Troy Cunningham was asked to share about Adult & Teen Challenge and how to get involved in volunteering at the center. We are reminded in Romans 1:12 (ESV) that is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine. We left encouraged and blessed. Thank you Willamette Community Church for coming along side us in ministry.

Eugene Women’s Center

Celebrating our Students:
Chelsea completed her program and is staying to intern! We now have three interns at the Eugene Campus and new students joining us each week!

Celebrating our Supporters:
Our Open House was a great opportunity for supporters, sponsors, family and friends to tour our campus, meet staff and get involved on a personal level. We have been encouraged by all the support this month for our Rebuild the Well Project

Celebrating our volunteers:
Thankful for all our faithful volunteers in Hannah’s Helpers as well as celebrating this season of new faces and church groups joining Hannah’s Helpers! Excited to be kicking off the school year with our new mentoring program. Hannah’s Helpers are our heroes partnering with us to Put Hope Within Reach at Eugene Campus.

Portland Men’s Center

The gentlemen of our Portland Men’s Center helped out at Fish Fest. They hung out backstage and got to meet Danny Gockee, Jeremy Camp, and the Newsboys.

Tri-Cities Women’s Jail Ministry

Looking at this flower growing up through a crack in the concrete reminds us of some of the women we visit in jail. These women have asked Jesus to take over their lives and are beginning to grow strong and healthy from the inside out.  In spite of their background and difficult location, they come to God first each day and read His words in their new Bibles and pray, dedicating their day to Him. These women walk out the words of the Gospel in their lives, showing those around them who He is through their actions. Gossip, bullying others and revenge are replaced with positive words, compassion and forgiveness. They bring women with them to meet with us and say “Ask my roommate what happened this week,” and then we hear the story of how she led her into prayer to surrender her life to Jesus. “Can she have a Bible study now?” we are asked and, by God’s grace, the process begins again as this new believer learns how to share her faith. The light in her eyes pierces the darkness of a jail cell and puts hope within reach, one woman at a time.


August 2, 2018 News

Willamette Valley Men’s Center

On July 28th, we held our 2nd Annual Adult & Teen Challenge Golf Tournament fundraiser for the Willamette Valley Men’s Campus.  Blessed by a gorgeous day on Mallard Creek Golf Course in Lebanon over 80 players came out for an 18-hole 4-person scramble.  Local businesses and donors provided goodie bags and raffle prizes to ensure no player would leave empty handed.

We are grateful to all the players, sponsors, volunteers and tournament host Mallard Creek.  We would like to thank our Title Sponsor RIST Group/Keller Williams and Corvallis Subaru for providing TWO hole-in-one cars.  We would also like to thank private donors for providing all of the beverages and snacks for the day keeping our players well hydrated and full on a 95 degree day.

A special thanks to:

Bliss Group of Huggins Insurance for being our Lunch Sponsor
Hope Church for being a Corporate Sponsor

And the following Tee & Hole Sponsors:

OSFC Choir
SNAP Fitness
Katie Enright/Farmers Insurance
Lewis Seed
Eagle Home Mortgage
Les Schwab
Eola Hills Legacy Vineyard
Re/Max Integrity / Delene Myers and Myers Construction
Guaranty Chevrolet & RV Super Centers
Sheet Metal Solutions
Hands of Mercy
May Trucking

It was a successful fundraiser bringing in more funds than last year. We are so blessed by your support of Adult & Teen Challenge to put Hope within Reach.  Looking forward to next year!

Portland Men’s Center

We have been building our relationship with the Oregon City DHS office and were recently invited to speak at their District meeting. It was an amazing opportunity to tell 50 DHS case workers and case managers about what we do and who Teen Challenge is. We also got an opportunity to network with other organizations in the area that provide services to people in need. 

We would like to acknowledge an amazing program supporter and volunteer Darin McCarthy. He has been involved with the Portland men’s center for about a year now and is always available to help in any way that we need. Darin and his wife recently opened their beautiful home, and pool, up to our guys and hosted an incredible spread and good times splashing around. 

We also have 2 men that have recently become sponsored students; Eban and Lee. Sponsored students must have completed phase three and demonstrated a commitment to to the program and to change through Christ.

We have a Graduation Coming the 1st of September. Damick A. will have completed his year and will be doing an internship with our center. This internship is geared to building leadership skills and also about learning all the different aspects of what we do at the center level. We are very excited to be a part of the next chapter of this amazing man’s life! God is so faithful! 


July 26, 2018 News

Eugene Women’s Center

Our first Car Wash Fundraiser of the year was a huge success!

Thanks to our generous donors, and hardworking staff, interns, students and volunteers who washed cars to help put Hope within reach here in Eugene!

Willamette Valley Men’s Center

Today we were blessed with a visit from a youth choir who drove all the way from Fresno, California. This is a high school aged choir that travel up and down the west coast. We were fortunate enough to be able to hear them sing and share a few testimonies. One of our students was able to share his testimony during an intermission, relating to and showing them that redemption and forgiveness is real. It was inspiring to see the work God does through young people and hearing the talent the Lord has blessed them with.

Graham Women’s Center

We completed two ladies and celebrated with the families at a BBQ. Good job to Heidi who is an intern and Amanda who is doing Phase 5 and working full time. We are so proud of you ladies! I love connecting with families and hearing the thoughts. Most cannot believe the transformation and are so very grateful to have their daughter back. 

Every year we take the center camping at Mount Rainier. This year we decided to go in June instead of August and got some rain and cold weather. We pushed through and it turned out to be a great time. Most of our ladies had never been camping and loved every minute. Some of our ladies hiked about 17 miles over 3 days. We were grateful to have some fun in between work projects to enjoy the Pacific Northwest.

We put the fun in fundraising with our car washes this month. The women loved to connect with the community and putting hope within reach of every addict.

Central Oregon Men’s Outreach

Central Oregon has been doing dual opportunity events like storefronts and car washes that help raise awareness about Adult and Teen Challenge as well as help with funds and supplies. It always brings a smile to our faces when somebody comes up excited because Adult and Teen Challenge came to their Church, school, etc. There’s still much to smile about with people coming up who do not know ATC, they want to volunteer, donate, or get a loved one into the program. Just today I went to set up more dates and the store representative said “Oh yeah, you guys are great!” when previously we were unrecognizable. As we continue to spread awareness of our ministry we will be able to really put hope within reach of those who need it!

Seattle Men’s Center

We want to say Thank You to all our friends and family who made it possible for the Seattle Men’s Center to attend the Seattle Mariners game this past weekend. The guys had an amazing time enjoying the game together as a brotherhood. These times together are so important to their recovery, transformation, and reconciliation. 


Tri-Cities Men’s Outreach

Praise Reports

Dustin – 7 months
Over the last few months I’ve been able to start talking with my son a couple times a week. Recently we just got the capability to Skype each other. Seeing him and being able to talk to him that way has been a real blessing and helps a lot.

Don – 1 month
I’ve tried to get clean many times through the years but just keep getting tripped up by something. I’ve finally learned that my pride is the cause of my anger and addiction and am giving that over to God. I’m focusing everyday on doing just that.

Prayer Requests

Jake – 11 months
I’m completing in just a couple weeks and very much looking forward to taking the next step in my walk and continuing to learn by serving here. There are some anxieties with completing and stepping into a new role and I would appreciate prayer for that.

Mike – 3 months
I’ve been processing through some pretty heavy stuff this past month. I’m working on being able to express myself and work through my emotions. Prayer for complete spiritual breakthrough would be great.

Alaska Men’s Outreach

Maylan’s testimony:

Today I experienced street evangelism for the first time.  By God’s grace He used me.  I’ve been forever changed.

It was towards the end of the day and we started out with a conversation like normal and she stated that her boyfriend had just dropped her off there because he was going to go make some money and get a hotel. In conversation we started talking about God and what he has been doing for her. 

I asked her if I could share my testimony about where I’ve been and what god has done for me. She said yes.  I explained to her that I’ve had this void in my heart that I’ve been searching to get filled through different women, drugs, and alcohol. But the more I pursued fleshly desires to fill my void in my heart the bigger the void got and the more pain I felt. I would give everything I was as a person in relationships just to fill my void and feel wanted, needed, and loved. 

Then I asked her a question, in the end what do you think I got out of these relationships pursuing fleshly desires? I told her nothing just more pain and misery. No matter what I did and how hard I tried I always ended up losing more of the person I was. This is because my eyes were not on the lord but on what I thought I needed to fill my void. The woman started to break down and say this is exactly what she is going through. 

I asked about many things in her life for over twenty minutes.  I opened the Bible with her and I stated that whenever we are in the bible we are on holy ground. I explained to her that the time for salvation is now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but now. Then I asked her if she had ever accepted Jesus into her heart and she stalled and finally said that she prays daily. So I asked her again if she has every excepted Jesus into her heart she got quiet again.  A few seconds went by and I asked her if I could lead her in prayer to open up her heart to Jesus and except him into her heart.          

SHE SAID YES !!!! With the grace of God we prayed and on June 20, 2018 she was born again because of Jesus Christ.   She professed to him that she was a sinner and she believes that Jesus Christ was real and that he died on the cross for our sins and rose again 3 days later.  

She was beaming and said she felt a change from the inside that she couldn’t explain. That was an enormous difference from the sadness and hopelessness forty minutes earlier.  She was changed, and I was too!

Tri-Cities Women’s Jail Outreach

It is always exciting to find out “the rest of the story” after a woman leaves one of our jails. While Kathy was shopping for flowers in the back of a floral shop, one of the floral designers called her name and said, “Remember me? We saw each other in jail. I was in both the Franklin Co and the Benton Co jails about 15 years ago. I put into practice the things you taught me and see where I am now! It was hard work but now I have a good job and my family can trust me.”   She told Kathy how much our Bible study groups meant to her and said that she still has the corrected study booklets and her certificates. She is attending a local church and is the loving grandmother of 15 grandchildren. Our jails prohibit us from using identifying photos or names due to confidentiality agreements but we can share these redeemed hands creating beauty instead of damage and sadness. What amazing grace!


July 3, 2018 News

Eugene Women’s Center

The ladies celebrated Father’s Day by attending our local home church where they enjoyed a wonderful worship service and afterwards got to pet horses, learn line dancing, and ride a bull! One of the highlights from the day was their visits and phone calls with their fathers. Several ladies said their dads told them for the first time in a long time they were proud of them. One lady said her dad said this was the best father’s day gift. God is definitely restoring lives and relationships here!

Tri-Cities Men’s Center

The 1st Annual Golf Tournament was held at Sun Willows Golf Course on the 16th of June. It was a great kickoff for the event!

We began a dorm and living space reconfiguration to help us accommodate more students. We plan to be complete mid-July! This reconfiguration will allow us to increase the capacity of men we can serve from 13 to 18.

We have had four new students come into the program this month and we are very excited about the group of men in the program and the progress they are making!

We are selling cherries to help raise funds for our annual trip to Spiritual Emphasis in Medical Lake this September!

Rainier Cherries – $4 per lb or 3 lb for $10
Bing Cherries – $2 per lb

Give us a call at 509-547-2389 or stop by the TC Resale and Donation Center! Donations are also welcome!

Alaska Men’s Center

Our Alaska center has begun going out every Wednesday and Sunday to minister the homeless and low income. To date there has been at least one first-time decision for Christ each time.  We celebrate not only those who have been born again, but the fact that our students who go out have been transformed too.

The truth of it is, we have not completed our task with our students in the program until we have done everything possible to see that they are missional Christians. It is not enough to make sure they’ve studied being missional, heard sermons about being missional, or taken a Bible test about what it means to be missional as important as all of that is. Students must be actively missional. They must incarnate as a matter of life-style Jesus’ words that “you shall be my witness.”  That is not a statement of doing that is a statement of being.  An identity statement.  And our discipleship job is not done with the students until we see that evidence in real and tangible ways.  Further, as a ministry we are engaged in unfinished business until we meaningfully represent the Great Commission in an ongoing way.  Teen Challenge is a Great Commission ministry. We are a mission’s organization to addicts. We evangelize and disciple– that and only that is Teen Challenge. We never choose between evangelism and discipleship!  It is “both and.” 

We look forward to the near future when we have a city bus converted into a rolling Teen Challenge Phase II Crisis Center roaming the harder areas of Anchorage where people need the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

AKO student Nick’s testimony:

There is no way I could ever have foreseen or believed the situation I found myself in last week with a drug dealer. Sitting next to the guy he was loaded with the heroin I once so deeply craved.  There was a time not that long ago when he would’ve been holding my entire world in his pockets, a world that was delivered to me by a syringe. I noticed right away I had no urge, only fear that I would.

What desire I did have was a need to pray for and with this man. Just moments before he had walked up and flashed the bundle of cash and heroin. For the first time I declined. He sat next to me confused. He glanced at the women on the corner and his bundle and said, “You mean you don’t need anything? No girls no dope.” I replied “no sir.”

He looked at the mural we had had been drawing on the sidewalk, a figure kneeling before a cross, my fellow TC student Maylan was finishing writing the verse. The dealer looked back at me and asked, “Then what are you doing out here?” I said, I am offering hope. He stared at the mural again. He offered, “It has been a long time since I went to church.” I said, we are in church right now, Jesus loves you, and you can tell that this moment was planned in Heaven, for this moment to tell you Jesus loves you. A drug dealer started to cry in public.  I asked him if we could pray, and we prayed a long and powerful prayer.  It completely changed me, I don’t know about him.  Jesus had brought me back to the same streets that I was an addict on, to pray for the life and love of a man trying to make a drug deal.  

For me I know longer crave heroin, I am learning to crave Jesus more and more. I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. Romans 8:18.

Portland Men’s Center

As summer is now here we find ways for our guys to “blow off some steam”. One of our favorite ways is to go hiking. Fortunately for us the Estacada area is rich with amazing hiking opportunities. These pictures are just a few of our guys enjoying the beauty and majesty of God’s creation, the Pup Creek Falls Hiking Trail. Obviously these gentlemen do not shy away from a photo opportunity! God is so Good!!

Seattle Men’s Center


We are working hard this year cleaning the Seattle campus, cleaning the pool and grounds maintenance/landscaping. So far we have had good weather in our favor. Friends, we need your help. We need tools and supplies. Below is a short list of the tools and supplies needed. Please help us to keep our center clean and beautiful!

1. Decorative Bark (mulch)
2. Leaf rakes
3. Shovels
4. Leaf blowers
5. Working Lawnmowers
6. Weed Trimmers
7 Gardening hand tools
8. Wheelbarrow
9. Pool Chemicals
10. Pool cleaning tools and supplies

Willamette Valley Men’s Center

These guys work so hard every day working on changing their lives. We decided to treat them to a day at the beach, and God blessed us with a beautiful 70 degree day. Guys got to spend the whole day enjoying God’s creation. We are blessed to have such a great bunch of guys, this day was much needed. Thank you Lord for your blessings.

Spokane Men’s Center

Thanks to our generous donor’s the Spokane Men’s Center has a new van!  A 2017 Ford Transit.

We are 2/3’s the way done with our dorm upgrade project which includes new luxury tile flooring, closets and beds.

Here we are sharing our services at the Airway Height’s Health and Wellness fair

Tri-Cities Women’s Jail Outreach

We had a special surprise this week when one of our local women came to visit family. She graduated from the Graham campus last year and currently is at a Teen Challenge Ministry Institute in another region. We are so proud of her! Your prayers covered her in past years before her recovery while she was in dangerous situations on the streets. The Graham campus taught her how to walk in freedom and peace. Now she is in training to help other women find hope in Christ and discover the way to exit their painful and destructive lifestyles. We are  in the jails and on the streets of the Tri-Cities, offering hope to all who hear our voices. This week, we are mailing and emailing “A Door of Hope” to over 600 women in the region and to prisons across the country. We write a note of encouragement on each one. Won’t you help us put hope within reach?

June 19, 2018 News

Montana Women’s Center

Welcome Cheryl, the new Missoula Director!

Cheryl began her career in ministry working with women in abortion recovery and leading Bible studies in Sacramento, California. Sometime after moving to Missoula, Montana in 2005 she began work as an office manager for New Hope Christian Fellowship where she became an assistant pastor licensed with the International Foursquare Church and in 2014 received her ordination. While working for New Hope, she earned an advanced degree in Biblical Counseling.  She joined Pacific NW Adult & Teen Challenge in 2015 as a Program Coordinator for a year. She has spent the last two years as a volunteer pastoral counselor with Elevate Church and in her own private pastoral counseling practice. She and her husband just celebrated their 20-year wedding anniversary.

They have two sons — one college-bound to the University of Montana and the other entering high school. Cheryl enjoys reading, gardening and recreating on the abundant hiking trails and rivers in and around Missoula.  She is passionate about helping others experience lasting, powerful transformation in their lives through the power of Jesus.  She considers it an honor to be able to participate in the work God is doing in the lives of the students at the Missoula Campus and is excited to see God move in the ministry of Adult and Teen Challenge PNW and the community of Missoula.

Portland Men’s Center

We had a very successful garage sale and the work program is up and running. We have one company that is hiring the guys on a regular basis, All Pro Metro Services. They do window washing and pressure washing.

The center is planning a huge car wash this weekend to coincide with the Estacada annual vintage outdoor market and farmers market being held across the street from our center.

Willamette Valley Men’s Center

The Willamette Valley Men’s Center recently completed an entire Dorm Room Renovation Project.  Our dorm rooms were in disrepair causing safety and health issues.  In partnership with Willamette Community Church, Mid-Valley Women of Christ and private donors we raised the funds needed to gut the old dorms completely.  We burned the old broken beds, repaired walls, and replaced trim, added fresh paint and brand new metal bunk beds.  The students were able to move back into the new dorms on Sunday, June 3rd and are excited and happy.  Thank you to our local partners and donors for making this possible.  And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Phil.4:19)

Central Oregon Men’s Center

Central Oregon Men’s Campus has been blessed with coming to churches that are welcoming us into their doors for the first time. This year so far we have six itinerations with new churches. It is exciting to be welcomed into a new church home and to expand the Adult and Teen Challenge community here in Central Oregon. Every time we meet new people who want to partner with the ministry or know someone who needs our program.

At the center, we have been working on the community aspect of the program with outings every Sunday after Church. Central Oregon is full of natural wonders so we’ve had the opportunity to go hiking, fishing, and swimming all around the region. These outings are great to cultivate the brotherhood and fellowship aspects of the program.

Seattle Men’s Center

We had so much fun on Saturday, May 19th washing cars to raise funds for the ministry. Please come to support PNW Adult and Teen Challenge and help us Put Hope Within Reach. Our next Car Wash will be on Saturday, June 23rd, and two others on Saturday, July 14th and Saturday, August 25th. We will be washing cars at Kent Christian Center in Kent WA. The address is  9440 Canyon Dr, Kent, WA 98030 and the time is from 10 AM – 4 PM. Come out, get your car washed, tell all your friends and family, and help support a good cause.

Tri-Cities Men’s Center

Praise Reports

Brandon – 2 months into his program at Tri-Cities

“I previously spent time in another Teen Challenge location but left early. I had no peace in my life from the time that I left until the time I came back. I’m grateful for this center and some of the differences here and am looking to get close to God! My girlfriend is going through the program at a different center also and I’m really grateful for what God is doing in this whole season.”

Jake – 10 months into his program at Tri-Cities

“I’m nearing completion of the program on July 13th and feel like I’ve really broken through the last 2 months or so. I have applied for and been accepted to do an internship here at the center. I’m super excited to take a new step and continue to learn and grow while serving the men here in the program. This place has become home for me.”

Boise Girls Academy

We have been abundantly blessed by our community lately. We were the recipient of a backyard makeover. We now have a nice backyard. The girls helped lay 28,000 square feet of sod. We also have a new fire pit, fresh stain on the deck, fence completion, new sprinkler system. We still have people from the community asking to do more. We are grateful for all that has been done and given, but also excited to see what God does next through our new friends and donors.

Tri-Cities Women’s Jail Outreach

What a thrill it was for Kathy to have the honor to release a Red Tailed hawk recently. It had been badly burned in a wildfire near Ellensburg and was healed and rehabilitated by a local wild bird rescue organization. How much more are we excited to see transformed women, full of God’s love and growing in their new faith released from jail back into their communities. Not only have many found a new way of life, but they have also learned how to grow in faith and recovery skills on the inside to be ready for the outside.

Now that’s a release into true freedom!

Eugene Women’s Center

We have a new Executive Director and Outreach Coordinator at Eugene Women’s Campus!

Meet our new Executive Director, Charity Bray and new Outreach Coordinator, Scott Bray.

Charity is a born and raised Oregonian. After 12 years of children’s ministry in Oregon, Charity had the opportunity to join our Pacific Northwest  Adult and Teen Challenge family. Almost four years later she has assistant managed two of our TC Resale and Donation Centers and served at the regional office in as the Student Sponsorship Specialist. Not long after joining the regional office, God called her to step out in faith and take on the role of Executive Director of Eugene Women’s Campus. God is so cool because not only does she get to work with her husband Scott, she feels God has gifted her with the unique talents and perspective to lead the women and women with children at our campus.

Scott is from Tucson, Arizona.  He is a successful Illusionist and has used his incredible skills all over the world. Scott went through Teen Challenge in 2005 with a drug and alcohol addiction. In 2007 Scott made his way out to Oregon to attend the the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute and in 2008 he married Charity. Scott has been a part of our Teen Challenge family since 2012 when he helped pioneer the Student Sponsorship Program.  Several years later Scott stepped into the role of TCMI Director overseeing our Interns across the Pacific Northwest.  At the beginning of this year Scott filled a need as the Outreach Coordinator at the Portland Metro Men’s Campus and and now Scott is joining the Eugene Women’s Campus team as the Outreach Coordinator.

Our most recent Itineration at College United Methodist church was such a blessing! Not only did our ladies get to share the truth of what Jesus is doing in their lives, the church blessed us with lunch and much appreciated food and supplies for our center.

May 31, 2018 News

Montana Women’s Center

This month we say goodbye to our Executive Director, Jan Henderson but not without a much deserved going away party.  The girls of the program got together and did the “Do it Again” spoken word… It always moves Jan to tears, as she is moving us to tears with her leaving, but we are thrilled for her. 

One of our students was baptized this last Sunday at Zootown Church. It was a spur of the moment decision that she will cherish for a lifetime!  

In this last month we have had an intern graduate and three new women enter the program. They have all fit right in like they have been here forever! We are getting a new student as I write this right now. That will bring our total to TEN GIRLS!  We had only four at Christmas so things are happening fast AND girls are staying and really getting that this really IS God’s perfect will for them right now!!

Eugene Women’s Center

We recently were able to celebrate the completion of two students! Lauren moved to Idaho to finish school and Sydney has decided to stay on and intern here at our Eugene center! We are so excited to see how God continues to use these two women to spread the Word.

Brownsville Assembly of God blessed our campus with a work day. The youth group and members from their congregation came to serve. Grass was mowed, limbs were cut, porches were mended and friends were made. Such a fun day that will not soon be forgotten. Our campus looks amazing!

Willamette Valley Men’s Center

This month Willamette Community Church hosted a Daddy Daughter Date Night and invited the fathers of Teen Challenge to attend. Those of us blessed with daughters got dressed up and had the opportunity to go show their daughters how to be treated on a date. This was great opportunity for the guys to spend some good quality time with their daughters. The Shedd campus also catered the event which allowed our guys a chance to help serve as well. There was great music, games to play with our girls, a craft area to remember the evening, and of course dancing. We had an amazing evening and we were grateful for the opportunity to spend one on one time with our daughters.

Graham Women’s Center

Student Spotlight: Maggie Mae has been homeless living in her car for 2 years- she is here going on her 2nd month and thriving! she’s learning to lean on God and is getting the chance to reconnect with her daughters!

Our Graham Women’s Center had a great turnout for our banquet! We had a live auction, dessert dash, and so much more. 4 ladies had the opportunity to share their Truths & Realities presentations. We had 3 ladies that had previously graduated in the years past, share their testimonies. Overall it was an awesome evening! 

Seattle Men’s Center

Dear Friends,

We invite you to our annual Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge Banquet with a live/silent auction held this year at the Renton Pavilion Center 233 Burnett Ave S. Renton WA 98057 on Saturday June 2nd, 2018 @ 5:00 PM.

The goal of our event is to celebrate the ministry of Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge, and the transformation of the lives of its current students through the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. Our financial needs will be met by God through sponsors like you who understand helping to change one life brings exponential change, as their lives tough others. Your generous giving and support will have a huge impact on current and future students, as well as advancing the Kingdom of God in our local communities. Together we can see God work miracles in the lives of the broken and hurting people through the power of His Love.

Tri-Cities Women’s Jail Outreach

Did you know that Tri-Cities Women’s Jail Outreach is able to send and receive mail from jails, prisons and communities across the United States? Our correspondence team distributes over 800 copies of each issue of our newsletter,  Door of Hope, to help women grow in their faith. We share success stories, letters to the editor and arrange to send correspondence Bible studies to women who request them.

 We received this letter recently “Having a pen pal is more valuable to me than anything else. A sister in Christ will be so much more supportive than an old using friend from the streets. Is there someone there that can write to me?” Our volunteer, Jo, has already begun a letter to her and will write regularly to help her grow strong in her new life. Thank you for your gifts that help us put mail in the hands of women eager to make a change.

Central Oregon Men’s Center

Our Spring Banquet had 200 guests that came out to support the ministry. We organized tables in a way that each table had a student to interact with, sharing their stories of transformation and restoration. The evening had a silent auction with many fun gift baskets, artwork, and local favorites. Our focus this year was on the work Jesus is doing in this ministry, the transformation of the hearts of our students. We shared our vision for the future and the direction God is taking us with the expansion of our bed capacity from 24 to 36, allowing us to put hope within reach of more men. Another praise report would be a $1,500 grant for Stay Sharp supplies through Community 101 at Ridgeview High School, one of the schools where we’ve had the opportunity make a difference with our Stay Sharp presentations.

Tri-Cities Men’s Center

Ready to break out the golf clubs? Our 1st Annual Golf Tournament is on Saturday, June 16th at Sun Willows Golf Course in Pasco. The tournament will be a 4 man scramble format starting at 8:00 am!

Fees are $125 per player or $500 for a team of 4.

Click the link below to register your team!

May 7, 2018 News

Seattle Men’s Center

We had a great time sharing our ministry at Arlington First Assembly of God Church this past Sunday. The sanctuary was packed and many were inspired by the testimonies that were shared in that moment. We were blessed with great food for a potluck and signed up 8 new sponsors for our sponsorship program. The new sponsors were able to meet their new sponsee and shared their own stories with us. It was very nice to fellowship with the church congregation.

Central Oregon Men’s Center

We had the wonderful opportunity to attend the David Crowder American Prodigal Tour concert featuring The Young Escape. Our students assisted with the teardown, opening us up for the opportunity to meet many band members. It was a great night of praise and worship, it is truly a blessing to see many people a part of the community of God gathering together.

It is a reminder to us and to our students of the faith community that is there to support one another and to grow alongside each other. Another facet of events like this is to show that people can have a great time without the use of substances. Learning how to enjoy life again with people, going out and doing activities. Praise God for the wonderful transformation going on in the lives of these men, here in Central Oregon!

Willamette Valley Men’s Center

This month the WVMC had the privilege to spend the day at Camp Tadmor. We were blessed with a day filled with lunch, paintball, and fishing. We sent a crew of volunteers to the camp the week prior and were able to do some work in order to get it ready for the season. This is a camp that caters not only to ministries like ours but also to schools for outdoor school. Our entire student body was able to attend along with families. We had a great time and are thankful to have been blessed with such a great day out.

Tri-Cities Men’s Center

The 2018 Spring Banquet for the Tri-Cities Campus was a success!  The students and alumni shared stories of hope through song and testimony and many needs were met. Thank you to all who came out and supported the event!

On top of scheduled devotions we have students volunteering to lead an optional bible study at night. It truly is a joy to see students pursuing Jesus in their free time. It is truly a blessing to grow alongside these men every day.

Portland Men’s Center

We have a new Director!

Terry VanAntwerp has taken over leadership of the Portland Men’s campus. This is Terry’s second tenure for the Pacific Northwest as previously he served as Director for the Center Oregon Men’s campus during its developmental years. He feels honored to be back and is very excited about the direction the Lord is leading.

We have a new facility and ministry team!

There have been many changes since Terry’s arrival. Not only have they hired a completely new staff, but the Lord has given them a new facility for this new chapter! We will be highlighting their new team in the upcoming updates.

The new location is located in Estacada, which is approximately 20 miles from our Thrift store on 82nd Avenue. The Lord has provided a beautiful former assisted living facility. This name of this facility was the Grace Place. It offered 30 rooms to those needing assistance for living.

We are very fond of the facilities’ name and our students and staff have commented that we need to keep it. We believe the Lord, in His divine providence, set that name in place knowing that we would soon be coming. In our opinion, every Teen Challenge program is a Grace Place!!

Currently, we are operating in the new location. This has been a huge undertaking but God has guided and protected during this process. The students have been very diligent to make this transition and they are very excited about their new residence.

We intend on having an open house in June. We would like to invite you all to come and see the new facility and learn about the vision God has placed on this ministry. We will be sending out an update on their progress and the date of the open house very soon.

With the all the changes happening at the Portland men’s campus, many needs have been identified along the way. Would you prayerfully consider how you may be able to partner with the rebirth of this ministry?

Here are some ways you can help move this ministry forward.

Education Department – Our Education Department needs to re-stock our curriculum base.

Much of our inventory is depleted and we need the funds to build back our inventory.

In addition, there are video series we need to purchase as well.

The Conquer Series – Helping Men work through sexual addiction and grow a better understanding of masculinity. Volume I and II   $800.00

Financial Freedom – Helping men understand the value of a dollar and make solid biblical financial choices for their families’ futures. Dave Ramsey – Foundations in Personal Finance $500.00

Seminar tables – We are designing our new classroom to enhance learning and promote group dynamics. 10 tables $75.00 per Table

We are currently raising $4000.00 for this project.

Work Experience Program – Hire us!! Provide real-life skills and work ethic for successful future employment.

The work experience program is a significant piece of the holistic approach needed for restoration and recovery. This segment provides an opportunity for businesses and homeowners to partner by allowing us to assist you with your projects.

Examples of projects we have assisted with in the past:

  • working in warehouses
  • helping people move
  • building fences
  • landscaping projects
  • assisting with painting needs
  • assembly projects
  • janitorial
  • labor force
  • security
  • venue support – setup and tear down
  • mailers
  • and many more…

Our organization provides insurance coverage for these projects. This affords peace of mind for our partners and also creates a very cost-effective way for you to complete your important projects. If you or someone else you know are interested in partnering with us, please give us a call and tell us about your project. We would love to help! These projects help us continue to keep the doors open and have a bed ready for the next student needing help.

Call – 503-230-1910

We thank you in advance for your support!

Tri-Cities Women’s Jail Outreach

Checking out at a local store, our executive director, Kathy was greeted by a new cashier. “Remember me? We knew each other in a very different place,” she said knowingly. Kathy glanced at her store badge and recognized her name. She didn’t look the same as she did in jail. Her eyes were bright and her smile was full of new life. “I’ve been out of jail and clean for 2 1/2 years now,” she whispered.  “Thank you for telling me that God loves me and can help me change my life. He really has! Your hope and encouragement made a real difference.

Spokane Men’s Center

We are in the middle of a major dorm makeover and were donated over $10,000 of industrial grade luxury vinyl flooring from Cost Less Carpet which will cover the entire project.  Another supporter is donating $1,500 worth of additional flooring supplies: cove base, floor primer and adhesive. Through out fundraising efforts we have been able to raise enough to purchase 50 metal bunk beds which should be arriving at our center by this weekend.  We will begin pulling up the old flooring next week and our students are excited about the upgrades!

We are preparing for our first annual ‘Ride for Hope’ motorcycle fundraiser.  Soul Patrol Ministries is coming alongside us to help organize this 100 mile ride which will end at our campus.  We will have live music, great food, fellowship and share stories of hope that are rooted in Adult & Teen Challenge.  If you like to ride or would like to volunteer for the event, please call the Spokane Men’s Campus at 509-244-5610.

Our entire student body is going on a missions trip, May 18th – 20th, to the community of Walla Walla, WA where we will get to serve on various work projects and practice the grace of ‘giving back.’  This is a great opportunity for our students to get away from the campus for a weekend, camp out in the woods and serve those in need.  Jesus modeled for us what it means to be a servant and we get the chance to put that into practice while enjoying the outdoors in Southeast Washington.

Missoula Women’s Center

We just had our 8th Annual Bowl-a-thon last Saturday night. A good time was had by all. The girls really pitched in beforehand and did a great job helping set up. The ladies felt like it was an act of worship to be able to bowl and know we were helping out a good cause with all the sponsors sponsoring them and they had a blast at the same time! Jan did a great job emceeing the event and gave out awards at the end. It was a very fun Saturday night out for a wonderful cause.

Here are some photos from our Clear Water Alliance outreach:

Eugene Women’s Center

Our most recent itineration service at Hopewell Community Church was a huge success! It was my first itineration service and it was an amazing experience. Not only did the women do a great job ministering through sharing their testimonies, but the church was incredibly supportive and generous; they fed us, filled our van with practical needs, and sent us home with a large financial donation. What a blessing! The women loved being able to meet with the congregation afterwards and hope was evident as they shared more and encouraged many members who have friends and family that are still lost in addiction. One of our girls who is normally shy and quiet in front of crowds surprised us all with her boldness when she spoke out that day.

The Lord is strengthening these women to share the good news he has planted in their hearts! At Hopewell we signed up two new sponsors and had several people request more information. That experience created an atmosphere of excitement for what God has in store for us at upcoming outreach opportunities and we are looking forward to our next service.

Up until now we have had two itineration’s this year, our third had to be canceled, and two community presentations; one at a youth group and another at a women’s conference at Grace Community Fellowship. Although we had to cancel our Mehama visit, their pastor still drove a car load of donations out to our center. What a blessing! We have picked up 13 new sponsors this year and hope for many more to come! It’s been a slow start but we will be presenting at 7 churches over the next 2 months, so we are making up for lost time! Earlier this year I met with a wonderful group of women from a church out in Brownsville. In May we will be attending a local mission’s conference at their church as well as hosting their youth group at our facility for a work day. We thank God for the connections we are making in the communities around us.

Alaska Men’s Center

Here’s a testimony from Kyle, one of our students:

My name is Kyle and I am from Kenai, Alaska. I am 31 years old and have struggled with addiction for about 15 years. I grew up going to church and attended a Christian school, however, I didn’t really apply the things I was being taught. I always rebelled against authority and spent a lot of time in the principal’s office. I was sneaky and had a bad temper. I started drinking and smoking pot in my early teens. I liked the way it made me feel and would often drink or smoke by myself. That is the way I have been throughout my addiction, I didn’t care about socializing, and I just wanted to escape reality any way I could.

When I was a senior in high school I injured my shoulder playing basketball, and started taking pain killers. I didn’t want to sit out my last year so I kept playing and taking pain killers whenever I re-injured my shoulder. I didn’t get addicted at that time but that’s where my opiate addiction started.

After high school I worked a couple different jobs and I learned to grow marijuana in my first apartment. I decided to move to Idaho and attend a junior college. I went to school for a semester there and began working at a hydroponic store. I got a house and started growing pot and selling it to my college friends. Marijuana funded my use of narcotics.

I went into a treatment program for the first time at 21. I had developed an opiate dependency and I knew that I needed to get help. I didn’t stay clean for long and learned how to use more efficiently while in treatment. I began using needles shortly after I relapsed. The next ten years was a vicious cycle of losing everything and going to another treatment program, getting back on my feet, then relapsing and repeating. I lived a very self-centered, meaningless and hopeless existence before coming to Adult & Teen Challenge here in Wasilla. Honestly, I didn’t want to continue living anymore. I was only willing to come here because I loved my family more than I hated myself and I had nowhere else to go. The last thing I wanted was a Christian program but I had tried everything else.

God does answer prayers. One of my mom’s friends had started a prayer chain for me several years ago and I can’t believe how many people have been a part of it. I receive letters of encouragement and cards from people that I’ve never met and who don’t know my family. Early on in my time here, these were the things that kept me hanging on. God would give me just enough each day to keep from walking out the door. I had been here for a month or so when God softened my heart enough to surrender my will and life to Him, which I have to do again and again as I started to take it back. I suddenly had hope again for the first time in a long time.

I understand the concept of grace because of the grace I’ve been shown by the staff and interns here. I was very angry and hateful when I arrived here but they showed me love and were patient with me. They waited for the miracle to happen, and it did. The transformation that has taken place is hard to believe… if you’re not a believer. However, there is no denying that I have been drastically changed, whether you believe that Jesus is the reason for the change or not. 

I’ve learned quite a few things in Teen Challenge. Here are a couple:  Christianity is about a personal relationship with Jesus. I have the most joy and peace when I am spending time in prayer and reading His word. He is the source of my strength when I am weak and He is my refuge in the storm. Only He can take a hateful, self-centered person like me and teach him to love and serve others. I don’t get it right every day and I don’t have to. It’s about progress not being perfect. Thank God for grace, for Teen Challenge and for moms that don’t give up on their kids. I plan on doing a mission trip this winter after I graduate in the fall. I am excited to see what God has for me next.

April 24, 2018 News

Willamette Valley Men’s Center

This month we had the privilege of going to Oregon State Prison on outreach. Our Education Coordinator, an intern, and two students all had an opportunity to share what the Lord has been doing in our lives. We were able to do a Stay Sharp panel and share a few testimonies. It was an amazing opportunity to not just speak into the lives of the prisoners but to have them speak into our lives as well.

Montana Women’s Center

The Missoula Campus celebrated Family Day on March 25, 2018.

“I hear the women’s stories when they first come in of how devastated they are because family members and/or friends are no longer talking to them. Everywhere I turned on Family Day, restoration was happening.” – Jane, staff member at Missoula Campus

“Family day was amazing! The last time I saw my family was when they dropped me off five months ago. Our center was full of everyone’s parents, siblings, and children. We played games, laughed, cried, and ate a Thanksgiving-worthy feast. We girls work so hard in this program and it is not easy. I’m so grateful our staff put family day together. It was a beautiful opportunity to show our families how much we’ve grown and changed. We all loved it and hope we can do it again!”- Kelenda B., student at Missoula Campus

“Family day was awesome!! I got to spend one on one time with my daughter and have my nephew at the center for the first time. He got to see his auntie Sara back, FINALLY!! Family day was filled with smiles and laughter. It is a firsthand look at what God is doing in our lives as well as our family members. The restoration you see is amazing! We become sisters here so it’s so great when we get to meet each other’s families.” – Sara B., student at Missoula Campus

Eugene Women’s Center

We have been through some leadership changes this quarter but we are working with a small but willing staff relying on strength from the Lord. Some of the students who have been through loss were able to join a Grief Share group at a local church which has been healing in the areas we’re not all familiar with. With the weather clearing up and turning into spring we have been able to give the ladies the opportunity to get out in God’s great creation through hikes, strolls and even working outside on yard work.

Our Bowl a Thon fundraiser raised over $11,000! It also gave our students the opportunity to have a day out. By reaching out to gain pledges, they were also able to share their testimonies on what Christ has done!

At the center we are making plans to utilize our volunteers and plant a year round garden. Our goal is not just to provide fresh vegetables for ourselves, but also to use them as a gift and relationship builder with our neighbors. We’ve also revamped our guest chapels to include new speakers and worship nights.

Central Oregon Men’s Center

We’ve worked hard to improve the culture and attitude of our center, in turn greatly improving retention. This last summer we hit a low of seven students for our twenty bed capacity. Now we are at eighteen students in the program with two interns as well as two Phase Five students living in the apartments next door.

Phase Five provides additional assistance in education, transitional housing, and securing job skills; Basically tripling the amount of men we are discipling. This improvement is in part to our staff members having intentional conversations during the crucial two week orientation period.

On top of scheduled devotions we have students volunteering to lead an optional bible study at night. It truly is a joy to see students pursuing Jesus in their free time. It is truly a blessing to grow alongside these men every day.

Graham Women’s Center

Theresa came to our center from Alaska. Her mom was murdered when she was just 11 years old. She quickly found herself in the midst of a drug and alcohol addiction. Her step mom and dad suggested that she try Adult and Teen Challenge. She has successfully completed our 12 month program and is now in our re-entry program called phases five. Phase five provides additional assistance in education, transitional housing, and securing job skills. Theresa is doing wonderful and is currently working at Safeway.

Tri Cities Men’s Center

The 2018 Spring Banquet will be held on April 27, 2018 at the Red Lion Hotel in Pasco. This year’s presentation will center on our mission of putting hope within. It is going to be an amazing night and a celebration of changed lives and men being set free from addiction here in the Tri Cities area!

The silent auction will return this year and we are anticipating even more great items than before!

The Spring Banquet is our single biggest fundraiser and ministry celebration each year! If you want to get to know the ministry of Adult & Teen Challenge, enjoy a great evening and support changed lives, this is a great opportunity to do so! Your attendance at this event is a partnership to put hope within reach of every addict!

For tickets and information, CLICK HERE

Portland Men’s Center

Here are some exciting new developments happening at our Portland Men’s campus!

We have a new Director!

Terry VanAntwerp has taken over leadership of the Portland Men’s campus. This is not Terry’s first tenure as a Director for Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge as previously he served as Director for the Center Oregon Men’s campus during its developmental years. He feels honored to be back serving within the walls of Teen Challenge and is very excited about the direction the Lord is leading.

We have a new facility and ministry team!

Here at the Portland men’s campus, there have been many changes since Terry’s arrival. Not only have they hired a completely new staff, but the Lord has given them a new location to start this new chapter of this ministry! We will be highlighting our new team in the upcoming updates.

We are pleased to announce that the ministry has moved to a small country town just outside the city limits. The new location is located in Estacada, which is approximately 20 miles from our Thrift store on 82nd avenue. The Lord has provided a beautiful former assisted living facility. This name of this facility was the Grace Place. It offered 30 rooms to those needing assistance for living.

We are very fond of the facilities’ name and our students and staff have commented that we need to keep it. We believe the Lord, in His divine providence, set that name in place knowing that we would soon be coming. In our opinion, every Teen Challenge program is a Grace Place!

Currently, they are operating in the new location. It has been a huge undertaking but God has guided and protected them during this process. The students have been very diligent to make this transition and they are very excited about their new residence.

They intend on having an open house in June. We would like to invite you all to come and see the new facility and learn about the vision God has placed on this ministry. We will be sending out an update on their progress and the date of the open house very soon.

April 11, 2018 News

Tri-Cities Men’s Center

Meet Our Staff:  Aaron WaddellOutreach Coordinator

“My name is Aaron. I am 36 years old and am proud to say that I have been a part of Adult and Teen Challenge since 2012. I’m originally from Bend, OR, which is where my Teen Challenge experience started as a student.

I have experienced much in my life since the day that I walked into the Central Oregon Campus and throughout this time God has made himself known to me in a way, I never knew possible. I have learned what it means to be a father, son, friend and a future husband. I graduated as a student from the program, served as an intern with the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute for one year and operated as the Intake Coordinator, Kitchen Manager, Maintenance Manager and Vocational Training Coordinator, at different times at the Central Oregon & Portland Campuses. While serving in those capacities, I have met men that have changed my life, pushed me to grow and encouraged me along this path. There is no greater purpose for me than to serve each person that comes into our ministry, from students to volunteers.

A few months back I began praying and over those months God led me here to Tri-Cities, where my 9-year-old son, Henry, and his mother live. I have some pretty amazing testimonies over the years of how God is so faithful and has shown up for me time and time again. The greatest of these is definitely the Lord preparing the way for me to be the father to my son here and be a part of his life every day while serving in ministry. How great is our God? To know exactly what, when and where we need to be and to continuously blow our dreams out of the water!

I am excited for the opportunity to serve here at the Tri-Cities Campus as the Outreach Coordinator and love on these men. Thank you all for welcoming me and I look forward to walking with you, serving with you and sharing the love and comfort God has shown me in many times of great need!”

Central Oregon Men’s Center

Two hundred people were at our third annual Ladies Luncheon event. Our keynote speaker Heather Nashelle Collard, the founder of Nashelle jewelry, did a great job telling her story and bringing hope. There was nice music with a women’s quartet, dessert sweets from the local bakery Too Sweet Cakes, a mother-son student testimony of restoration, and support with Donor Services Coordinator Toni Crary sharing about our student sponsorship program. It was a joy to see so many women coming together to put hope within reach!

Willamette Valley Men’s Center

March 4th was the Willamette Valley Men’s Center Itineration at Crowfoot Baptist in Lebanon. This is a small church that we have been to previously and had been welcomed back this year. The center’s outreach team was all new, including a new Outreach Leader, and with the exception of one senior student had never done an Itineration before. On top of a fresh crew, we had switched up our format and were incorporating the Stay Sharp panel into our service, along with a student testimony, and cardboard testimonies from the whole team. Everyone was nervous, however, everything went off without a hitch. God honored our faithfulness and we were able to make an impact on the church body. We were blessed with a $1,200 donation from the church as well as new sponsors from a congregation of 79 people.

Tri Cities Jail Outreach

“Our jails are filled with women whose crimes are related to opioid, meth and alcohol addiction. Pray with us as our team of Kathy, Gloria, Luisa, Kim, Joana, Linda and Sylvia share tools for recovery using Teen Challenge concepts, one woman at a time.”

Seattle Men’s Center

We are so happy and excited to share with you a very inspirational event and a wonderful story. One of our graduates returned this month from a missions trip to Nepal. Upon completion of our program, Ryan embarked on a mission’s trip with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

This is his story:

God rescued me from a terrible life of drug addiction and crime. He brought me out of the darkness and into the living light of Jesus Christ.

God has now set me on a path of learning who He is and who I am. First through one year of Teen Challenge, and then through a Y-WAM D.T.S (Discipleship Training School) In beautiful Nepal.

The DTS was very challenging for me; I won’t lie and say it was just a pretty vacation. When I arrived at the school in Nepal, I didn’t know what to expect.

I was full of fear and definitely intimidated by all the young and loud prayer warriors, and I didn’t feel like I fit in. But the level of love that I was greeted with I had never experienced before.

God was moving in all the people there and I had no choice but to join in and hang on for the ride. 

I began to crawl out of my isolation shell and interact with everyone there, learning and praying and worshipping. It was amazing.

God taught me to listen to His voice through two-way journaling, writing letters to Jesus and then listening in the spirit to His quiet still voice. I learned that God is always speaking to me and I just need to tune into Him.

God also taught me to be able to interact with others and to live in harmony with others. This was no easy task, seeing how I had lived on my own for so long doing whatever I wanted.

Through living with others I learned how to give love, yes, but also to receive love, which was seemingly harder.  Praise God!


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