Pacific Northwest Adult & Teen Challenge


April Update

April 3, 2019

Tri-Cities Campus

Meet Our Staff

Hi! My name is Micah Woolever. I am a Pastor’s kid who has lived a pretty normal life. I’ve always gone to church and done my best to follow God in what he has called me to do. However, in my late teen years, I went through a terribly difficult time dealing with life. I fell into a pit of deep depression to where I struggled with what I was to do with my life and ultimately considered suicide.

Through those struggles, I really began seeking out God to intervene in my life in a very real way and show me what He had for my life. God got a hold of me and I have never looked back. I enrolled in Seminary to begin working on my ministerial credentials. I got connected with a fantastic spirit led church and have been placed into the position as Worship Leader there.

In February of this year, I also answered the call to fill the open Recovery Coach position here at the Tri-Cities Campus. It has truly been a blessing to me. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve in a ministry that is radically changing lives and excited to see how God moves and works in my life as I serve the men and community here.

Eugene Campus

March 1st, our campus was blessed to not only be invited to the concert but asked to be a part of the prayer team at The Roadshow with Matthew West. This was such a fun treat for all our ladies and a great way to give back to others.

At this year’s Volunteer Appreciation Dessert, we were privileged to honor Charlie Parker for over eighteen years of service with PNW Adult and Teen Challenge. Charlie and his wife Joanne have been and continue to be such a blessing at our campus.

Recently our ladies enjoyed unexpected snow days with almost two feet of snow on our hill! It was a fun bonding time for all as the ladies worked through the storm with positive attitudes and the occasional snowball fight.

Tri-Cities Jail Outreach

We just returned from a special luncheon honoring MT, a student who had struggled on the streets and in the jails for years. We spoke with her many times and she came to understand that God not only loved her, but that He wanted to heal and empower her to lead a healthy life.  At last she agreed to be admitted to and graduated from a faith-based residential program that had a medical component.

We encouraged her along the way staying in email, snail mail and telephone contact. It has been 15 years since those days!  Fifteen years of sobriety and she has had no new offenses requiring incarceration. We celebrated with her over pasta and strawberry lemonade and heard her say once again how much God’s love and His words have renewed her mind and transformed her life. Now she shares our newsletters and her story and helps put Hope Within Reach of everyone she meets.

Central Oregon Campus

For many this winter was spent focusing on staying warm and figuring out how to maneuver. Luckily with teamwork we were able to utilize the climate to our advantage. Giving us the opportunity to help throughout the community, let people know about the ministry of Adult and Teen Challenge, and raise funds to support the program. Thank you to everyone who called us to clean up your driveways, roofs and sidewalks. Keep praying for us to continue to grow with the change of seasons. God willing we will see more lives changed than ever before in Central Oregon!


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