Teen Challenge Uganda

The Hope Village – Gulu, Northern Uganda

Hope Village Objectives

The Hope Village strives to address this defeatist air and mentality through a built/planned community that offers a conducive environment for healing and learning

Our goal is to raise a group of people who will gradually develop a transformed mind-set; a self-aware people empowered to confidently tap into their full potential with renewed hope and a zeal to impact the world around them for better. It’s a centre for hope and a place for discipleship.

Given the history and background of the people in Gulu; the Hope Village would like to tackle the problems of unemployment and under employment, illiteracy, poverty, addiction and life controlling problems.

We seek to:

Foster a new breed of young authentic, self-aware, transformative leaders through discipleship and mentorship.

Educate and train individuals to be confident, self-disciplined, independent thinkers through stimulating curriculums and activities in a stable and secure environment at our schools.

Support individuals to overcome addictions and life controlling problems through a discipleship based rehabilitation program.

Encourage work ethic and saving culture

Contribute to the regions food security by being part of the supply for agricultural produce

Create jobs for the locals through our business hub

Encourage skills based education

Hope Village’s Three Arms

Teen Challenge Uganda – Gulu Campus

This as a residential program consisting of a Men’s Centre and a Women and children’s Centre. Here, men and women struggling with addictions and life controlling problems are supported to overcome their habits and are discipled using Christian based curriculums.

Under the residential is a Mental Health Clinic to support individuals with mental related illnesses. Many a time some people dealing with addictions are mentally affected by the substances they use; this clinic is for them. The clinic will also be open to individuals whose illnesses are resulting from past trauma and other causes.

The centre has a non-residential arm which focuses on reaching out to individuals that may not necessarily be able to join a residential program or individuals who by the nature of their demographic do not need a residential approach but rather a preventative and knowledge gaining approach. Therefore, through outreaches to schools, prisons and streets, Living Free trainings in institutions and churches and teaching and discipleship through support groups in the community, these groups of people are reached.

Business Hub

This comprises of a thrift store, a farm for crops and animals, Produce handling and Storage, and a microfinance Sacco/institution. This project not only ensures food supply to the Hope Village but creates sustainability for the village. It also helps in empowering individuals with skills, creates jobs and consequently reduces the unemployment gaps.


Under education we have a kindergarten, primary school, secondary/high school and a vocational institute offering a quality education that produces creative thinkers through thought-provoking curriculums. The education arm also includes a Leadership Academy where leaders are disciple and groomed into leaders with a heart to serve.  The schools section is to house its own health facility/clinic, play area/sports centre and Church.


The Hope Village seeks to support the Gulu people in their journey to recovery. We seek to love them; to remind them that despite what has happened in the past they have a purpose and they can reach their full potential. We are stepping in to join all the others that have gone before us and those coming after us to give them a hand up by putting hope within their reach because they matter. They, like anyone else can rise above their past to become all that they can be. Discipleship and education is our tool in this endeavour.

Progress made thus far:

Purchased 50 acres of land

5 interns trained and working the farm

5 acres of food planted

Building relationships with community leadership and schools in the district

What we still need:

A clean water source

Construction of buildings

Crop storage capacity

More agricultural production capacity

Farming equipment

Financial support

How you can help:

With your skills, you can be a part of this, come help us build this community

Put together a mission’s team and come and help out either for a short time or a long time

One off or monthly giving or even annual

Be our ambassador reach out to 20 of your friends together you can raise $2000

Pray for us!


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