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Late July Regional Update

July 26, 2018

Eugene Women’s Center

Our first Car Wash Fundraiser of the year was a huge success!

Thanks to our generous donors, and hardworking staff, interns, students and volunteers who washed cars to help put Hope within reach here in Eugene!

Willamette Valley Men’s Center

Today we were blessed with a visit from a youth choir who drove all the way from Fresno, California. This is a high school aged choir that travel up and down the west coast. We were fortunate enough to be able to hear them sing and share a few testimonies. One of our students was able to share his testimony during an intermission, relating to and showing them that redemption and forgiveness is real. It was inspiring to see the work God does through young people and hearing the talent the Lord has blessed them with.

Graham Women’s Center

We completed two ladies and celebrated with the families at a BBQ. Good job to Heidi who is an intern and Amanda who is doing Phase 5 and working full time. We are so proud of you ladies! I love connecting with families and hearing the thoughts. Most cannot believe the transformation and are so very grateful to have their daughter back. 

Every year we take the center camping at Mount Rainier. This year we decided to go in June instead of August and got some rain and cold weather. We pushed through and it turned out to be a great time. Most of our ladies had never been camping and loved every minute. Some of our ladies hiked about 17 miles over 3 days. We were grateful to have some fun in between work projects to enjoy the Pacific Northwest.

We put the fun in fundraising with our car washes this month. The women loved to connect with the community and putting hope within reach of every addict.

Central Oregon Men’s Outreach

Central Oregon has been doing dual opportunity events like storefronts and car washes that help raise awareness about Adult and Teen Challenge as well as help with funds and supplies. It always brings a smile to our faces when somebody comes up excited because Adult and Teen Challenge came to their Church, school, etc. There’s still much to smile about with people coming up who do not know ATC, they want to volunteer, donate, or get a loved one into the program. Just today I went to set up more dates and the store representative said “Oh yeah, you guys are great!” when previously we were unrecognizable. As we continue to spread awareness of our ministry we will be able to really put hope within reach of those who need it!

Seattle Men’s Center

We want to say Thank You to all our friends and family who made it possible for the Seattle Men’s Center to attend the Seattle Mariners game this past weekend. The guys had an amazing time enjoying the game together as a brotherhood. These times together are so important to their recovery, transformation, and reconciliation. 


Tri-Cities Men’s Outreach

Praise Reports

Dustin – 7 months
Over the last few months I’ve been able to start talking with my son a couple times a week. Recently we just got the capability to Skype each other. Seeing him and being able to talk to him that way has been a real blessing and helps a lot.

Don – 1 month
I’ve tried to get clean many times through the years but just keep getting tripped up by something. I’ve finally learned that my pride is the cause of my anger and addiction and am giving that over to God. I’m focusing everyday on doing just that.

Prayer Requests

Jake – 11 months
I’m completing in just a couple weeks and very much looking forward to taking the next step in my walk and continuing to learn by serving here. There are some anxieties with completing and stepping into a new role and I would appreciate prayer for that.

Mike – 3 months
I’ve been processing through some pretty heavy stuff this past month. I’m working on being able to express myself and work through my emotions. Prayer for complete spiritual breakthrough would be great.

Alaska Men’s Outreach

Maylan’s testimony:

Today I experienced street evangelism for the first time.  By God’s grace He used me.  I’ve been forever changed.

It was towards the end of the day and we started out with a conversation like normal and she stated that her boyfriend had just dropped her off there because he was going to go make some money and get a hotel. In conversation we started talking about God and what he has been doing for her. 

I asked her if I could share my testimony about where I’ve been and what god has done for me. She said yes.  I explained to her that I’ve had this void in my heart that I’ve been searching to get filled through different women, drugs, and alcohol. But the more I pursued fleshly desires to fill my void in my heart the bigger the void got and the more pain I felt. I would give everything I was as a person in relationships just to fill my void and feel wanted, needed, and loved. 

Then I asked her a question, in the end what do you think I got out of these relationships pursuing fleshly desires? I told her nothing just more pain and misery. No matter what I did and how hard I tried I always ended up losing more of the person I was. This is because my eyes were not on the lord but on what I thought I needed to fill my void. The woman started to break down and say this is exactly what she is going through. 

I asked about many things in her life for over twenty minutes.  I opened the Bible with her and I stated that whenever we are in the bible we are on holy ground. I explained to her that the time for salvation is now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but now. Then I asked her if she had ever accepted Jesus into her heart and she stalled and finally said that she prays daily. So I asked her again if she has every excepted Jesus into her heart she got quiet again.  A few seconds went by and I asked her if I could lead her in prayer to open up her heart to Jesus and except him into her heart.          

SHE SAID YES !!!! With the grace of God we prayed and on June 20, 2018 she was born again because of Jesus Christ.   She professed to him that she was a sinner and she believes that Jesus Christ was real and that he died on the cross for our sins and rose again 3 days later.  

She was beaming and said she felt a change from the inside that she couldn’t explain. That was an enormous difference from the sadness and hopelessness forty minutes earlier.  She was changed, and I was too!

Tri-Cities Women’s Jail Outreach

It is always exciting to find out “the rest of the story” after a woman leaves one of our jails. While Kathy was shopping for flowers in the back of a floral shop, one of the floral designers called her name and said, “Remember me? We saw each other in jail. I was in both the Franklin Co and the Benton Co jails about 15 years ago. I put into practice the things you taught me and see where I am now! It was hard work but now I have a good job and my family can trust me.”   She told Kathy how much our Bible study groups meant to her and said that she still has the corrected study booklets and her certificates. She is attending a local church and is the loving grandmother of 15 grandchildren. Our jails prohibit us from using identifying photos or names due to confidentiality agreements but we can share these redeemed hands creating beauty instead of damage and sadness. What amazing grace!


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