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March Update 2018

March 1, 2018

We did it! Thanks to our generous donors we were able to unlock a $50,000 matching gift to raise a total of over $120,000! We want to say a huge thank you to supporters and donors like you. Through you we are putting hope within reach.

In this E-Newsletter you will hear a quick update from the following centers:

  • Eugene campus: our Eugene women were able to worship with Phil Wickham and hear from Andrew Palau and Francis Chan this February
  • Spokane campus: Six lives forever changed in the first quarter of 2018
  • Alaska campus: Our Alaska men are ready to defrost from winter, but first, their exciting sled for eternity fundraiser
  • Boise Girls Academy: Boise is currently at capacity with 20 girls, and looking toward expansion plans
  • Montana campus: Preparing for a successful 201 8 fundraising season
  • Tri-Cities Jail Outreach: over 76 Bibles handed out to date in 2018!
  • Central Oregon campus: Stay Sharp presentations at local high schools
  • Willamette Valley campus: Student testimony by Matt
  • Graham campus: Student restoration testimony by Samantha

Top stories:

On Sunday night, 2/11, thousands of people gathered at Eugene First Baptist Church for an event called CityFest, a county wide evangelistic and community service effort that has been gaining momentum and will culminate in a huge gathering this summer. Hannah’s house, students, and staff went that evening to gather in worship and prayer for our community. It was a free event that we reserved tickets for months ago. The church was so packed by the time we got through the doors that we were ushered into a gym which had been set up as an overflow room. Despite watching the event on screens a few rooms over the spirit of the Lord met with us. Phil Wickham lead worship followed by Andrew Palau and Francis Chan who shared inspiring words that many of us scrambled to take notes on. During the night we had the opportunity to come together and pray for each others’ family and friends who have not yet come to know the Lord. It was an exciting and hope-filled event that we were blessed to be a part of. The evening inspired great, yet sleepy, conversations on the ride home and the girls are looking forward to possibly attending the next gathering in a few months!

Some call it delegation, others call it management, as Christ followers we call it Stewardship.  As the Lord’s sheep we listen, follow and produce a righteous harvest. In 2018 we have had three completions and have an expected three more on March 10th!  We have the opportunity to be Gods hands and feet and in return, we get the joy of watching God’s miracles unfold.

We are coming up on our second spring here at Alaska adult & Teen Challenge. We are greatly anticipating the winter to be over and for the adventures and great weather that lay ahead for our students here in the summer. The Alaskan Summer is a beautiful experience and it is truly amazing to take part in. Summer provides great ways for our students to cut loose on hikes and hangouts in the warm sunshine that rarely ends. Our center is a wonderful and blossoming providence that continues to change and move through the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Lives are changing and chains are breaking for our students in ways that inspire and reinforce the mission of Adult and Teen Challenge Alaska.

Our Alaska campus will be holding their third annual sled event in support of our Alaska Campus of Pacific Northwest Adult & Teen Challenge. Riders can expect a fun day of riding and racing with their friends and others in support of recovery in Alaska. All Fundraising efforts will help support the much needed services Adult & Teen Challenge provides for people here in Alaska. Following the ride, a hot meal is served for registered participants, and you will hear the amazing testimonies of lives changed through the ministry of Adult & Teen Challenge. The event ends with raffle prizes and the grand prize for the most funds raised: Ski-Doo Renegade 600 ACE from the Team CC dealership! Donate at the Sled for Eternity website!

2018 seemed to overtake us way too quickly.  There has been momentum as we acquire more volunteers for our fund-raising events, center and student needs as well as when we make phone calls to schedule church outreaches.  We are eager to share the Missoula Campus program as God is transforming women’s lives. The miracle of women who surrender their lives to Christ and learn to love each other is the true miracle that we see daily.  We are so proud of those who take the risk to change and trust God to help them do just that.

Tri-cities jail outreach
In just the first 7 weeks of 2018, we have already distributed 76 bibles in our two county jails. It is always exciting to watch women’s lives being transformed as they faithfully learn and apply God’s words. Lives are being changed for eternity because of your prayers and gifts.

Central Oregon

Stay sharp program highlight

Our Stay Sharp program uses the stories of the men’s lives to help educate the students in local high schools. In this quarter so far we have had the opportunity to speak in 5 schools to around 580 students. New opportunities continue to present themselves with Teachers inviting us in after hearing of our presentation. Last week at our most recent Stay Sharp we had the opportunity of speaking to 2 AVID classes as well as the usual health classes. These AVID students are for the most part are the first in their family to try to attend college and some to graduate high school. We have been able to speak to hundreds of students during this time, bringing drug awareness to the youth of Central Oregon. Drugs are an epidemic in this country and we are blessed with the opportunity to use the stories of the men to educate the youth in Central Oregon.  The men that participate in the Stay Sharp program always come away with a sense of fulfillment.  They are encouraged that they can use their past to help others.  It always gives them strength after taking part in it.  The light on the men’s faces when they return from sharing with high school’s always speaks volumes to the transformation that is happening in their hearts!  Our goal is to make a positive impact in at least one high school student’s life per trip. I can say with confidence that we make an impact in each of the classes we speak in.

Student Testimonies:

My Name is Samantha. I am here at Graham for restoration. I graduated awhile back and got mixed up in addiction again. I believe I am growing and being transformed every day. This time feels so different. I was remembering back to the summer when our Director assigned us a spoken word to memorize. I was so mad at her. I thought how in the world are we  going to memorize this song, its too long. Another student and I decided to memorize one line at a time while we were jogging each day. What seemed impossible became possible. We shared in front of churches and at Spiritual Emphasis. It was a very high moment for us because we had worked so hard to memorize this and what we didn’t realize was that it became part of us. When we struggled it was right there in the forefront of our minds.

About a month ago my brother showed up at the center to tell me that I needed to come home, our Dad had passed away. I was crushed. I had not been able to tell him that I was sorry for hurting him and letting him down. My heart was broken. I went home and stayed for the funeral and this was a crazy time. I was numb.  I felt nothing. The only thing I could hold onto was the spoken word that I had memorized. God is using this and the scripture that I have memorized to renew my mind and help me to fix my gaze on him. He is my hope.

Consistency separates winners from wannabes
Diligence makes the difference between all time greats and one hit wonders
For the race is not given to the swift or to the strong
But to the one who endures, to the end
So pick yourself up
Shake your past off
Put one foot in front of the other
And do it again
When you hear that little voice saying
‘No one believes in you, you’re too far behind, you’re too small,
this isn’t working and this isn’t worth it’
Another voice rises to remind you that
The same power
The same strength
The same spirit who raised the savior from a borrowed grave
Is alive and active in you
This is your guarantee of complete victory
The same God who delivered you from the lion and the bear
Can and will deliver this new giant into your hands
So draw the line
Take your stand
Just like you yielded your weapons last time
Do it again
You’ve been here before
The battle is not yours
It’s the Lords
And if he caused you to triumph back then
Be confident He’ll do it again
Yesterday today and forever Jesus Christ is the same
And in His name you are unstoppable
He’s the author and finisher of your future and your faith
All things are started and sustained by his grace
He’s never failed, never faltered, never wavered, never lost
And he’s not about to start
But receiving the promise requires perseverance
For many are called
But few are chosen
Many begin
Fewer finish
So don’t just do it
Do it again
I know sometimes it’s hard to keep it moving
When you can’t see your progress
When you’ve lost your perspective
When the pain has pushed you past your breaking point
But this is no time to tap out
This is no time to back down
This is no time to turn around
Because the end of yourself 

is the beginning of him
The end of your strength is the beginning of His
So fix your focus
Wake your courage
Stir your confidence
And do it again
The dream God put inside of you was free
But to see it come to pass you’ll have a price to pay
Set your face like flint with determination and declare
I will do it again
When it doesn’t make sense
I’ll do it again
When I have to go against the wind
I’ll do it again
When all hell is breaking loose
I will not be crippled by confusion
I will not sway to the cadence of complacency
When it feels like hope has disappeared from the horizon
And I’ve waited for rain but I don’t see any signs
I will look again
Lifting my eyes to the skies
I see a cloud the size of a mans hand
Starting to expand
And it may start small
But little is much when God is in it
And I know I’ll win if I just don’t quit
Don’t you dare quit
When you’ve marched six laps and the walls still won’t fall
Take another lap
You’re closer
Than you think you are
You’re closer
Than you’ve ever been before
Walk on
You’ve come to far to faint
He who spoke it is faithful to fulfill and show up today
And the next day
And the next day
And the next day
Press till something happens
Pray till something changes
Push till something breaks
Say within yourself
Whatever it takes
Whatever the cost
No matter what they say
No matter what I feel
I’ve got a job to do
And I will see this through
Until God’s Kingdom comes
And His will is done
In my life
I’m leaving every excuse behind
I’m being transformed by the renewing of my mind.

Willamette Valley
 My life prior to coming into Teen Challenge had completely fallen apart. My drug use and poor choices had left me broken, hopeless, and in a world of darkness and despair. I was left in an apartment I was being evicted from, a promising career I had been fired from, and children who didn’t want to see me. The only way out I could think of was to take my own life. Fortunately, my ex-wife cared enough about me to tell my family what was going on and within just a few days I was at the Teen Challenge Willamette Valley Campus.

My time in the program was challenging but I was able to grow. It took me awhile to warm up to the idea of being Forty and in treatment, again. I had to humble myself and ask God to do the work in me as I worked the program. I found people I could learn to trust and be truly open with, people who needed to hear about my experiences in life, as much as I needed to hear about theirs. I had the opportunity to be on the Outreach Team and travel all over Western Oregon sharing my story and working to share all the good this ministry does. Taking the things I never wanted to talk about because of the same and helplessness I felt and turning them into a source of strength and achievement gave me the power to see that my story was more than just being an addict.

Since graduating I have been able to spend time with my children and show them the work God has done in my life. I am starting an internship soon and I am looking forward to working with the students. God will continue to work in my life and I can’t wait to see where He takes me.  – Matt W.


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