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May Update

May 16, 2019

Portland Campus

We had the pleasure to bring our Stay Sharp Program to 2 separate locations this month: the Stone Creek Church Youth Group and the Community of Faith Youth Group. It was amazing to see newer students get the opportunity to talk about how far God has brought them and that they actually have something to share. So powerful to watch God reveal their identity and to shift their perspective of themselves and the world.

On June 1st we have a student who is completing the 1 year program, Ellis Douglas. We are so happy to be celebrating this amazing achievement with him. Ellis has gone through a transformational change since he got off the plane and entered our program. This year has not been without its ups and downs but he has consistently sought God through it all. He will be moving on to Absolute Ministries in the Seattle area. We are so very proud of Him.

We will also be honoring Joshua Jusino for his accomplishment of graduating the TCMI internship program. He graduated his internship at the beginning of the month and has been offered a position here at the Portland Campus to work as a Recovery Coach. Joshua has been with our center for almost 2 1/2 years and has grown into a mighty man of God. We are very excited to see all the things that God will do through this man’s life as he continues to develop his leadership at the Portland Campus.

We are having a graduation ceremony for these men and a few of our 3rd phase students on the evening of Saturday June 1st. Please contact our center for further information. 503-230-1910

Eugene Campus

The Eugene Women’s Campus was so blessed on Mother’s Day weekend! We kicked off the weekend attending a local church’s Comedy Night where our very own Outreach Coordinator, Scott Bray was the opening act with his illusion show. So much fun and humor for our ladies during this night of therapeutic laughter.

We held the first Car Wash of the season at our Eugene TC Resale and Donation Center as we look to put hope within reach of every dirty vehicle. Not only was the weather fantastic we were able to pray with several individuals and hand out touch cards to many in our community. We love opportunities to share the hope we have found and to freely offer it in our city.

On Mother’s Day the ladies were given flower bouquets made by the women’s ministry of one of our local supporting churches. We attended our home church, had family visits and then treated the ladies to a delicious steak and shrimp dinner. Not only was it a fun weekend but one that reminded our ladies just how special they are; that they are created, known, and loved by God!

Spokane Campus

On May 11th we had several of our students complete the first phase of their program and move into leadership positions within the student body. We also had a gentleman, Steve R. complete his program and celebrated with a graduation ceremony. Steve had a terrible childhood and had dealt with addiction and depression his entire life. Because of these deep rooted issues it took him 20 months to complete. We had to extend his program several times and each time he would tell us that he is not leaving. He would say “I need this and if you say I need more time then I will do it.” We love to see this type of “whatever it takes” attitude displayed in our students. Steve is going to be doing an internship here in Spokane to further his training for the ministry.

Central Oregon Campus

We are receiving the Community 101 grant again from Ridgeview High School for the Stay Sharp Presentation. It’s fantastic to have the community we serve partner with us and aid the effort to positively encourage our youth. In our Stay Sharp presentations, we talk about addiction, recovery and the normal day to day activities of our program. We also speak with the High School students about the importance of goal setting, friendship, and what we do in our free time and it having a large influence on our future success. We do share some statistics and facts, but find the conversational approach helps engage the High School students more. Our own students grow from the experience as well: developing communication skills, going through their own story, and giving back to the community. We are excited to see the impact of our efforts grow and how the community of young people in Central Oregon can change for the better.

Willamette Valley Campus

Huge “Thank You” to the Rist Group Real Estate who invested their Keller Williams RED DAY at our campus. We tackled laying down new gravel, prettying up the garden beds with fresh bark, mowing, hedging and weed eating. That project got done so quickly that they then spent 60 minutes burning up the cell phone towers in Shedd calling their contacts to help us obtain auction items for our upcoming Hope Gala (June 8) and Golf Tournament (July 27), both of which are still open for registration. What a huge blessing to receive the support from our local community business members. Our hearts are full of thanks and gratitude.

Click to purchase tickets for either event below:

Hope GalaGolf Tournament

TC Resale & Donation

Keller Williams Portland Premiere showed up in a BIG way as they chose to spend their RED DAY 2019 at our Portland TC Resale & Donation!  Over 70 Realtors with big hearts came out to paint, sort, organize, hang clothes, rebar, garden, and restock the shelves. With their help we were able to give our Thrift Store a facelift and bring strong community support to the Portland Campus who spent the day side by side in tackling the dirty work! We even had some of our dedicated employees from the Regional Administration office show up to contribute a helping hand! All were blessed and KWPP made a huge impact today in the Portland Metro Community! Thank you to everyone who came out and thank you to Academy Mortgage for the great lunch and a special shout out to Millar Paint who donated the painting supplies.


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