Pacific Northwest Adult & Teen Challenge


May Regional Update

May 7, 2018

Seattle Men’s Center

We had a great time sharing our ministry at Arlington First Assembly of God Church this past Sunday. The sanctuary was packed and many were inspired by the testimonies that were shared in that moment. We were blessed with great food for a potluck and signed up 8 new sponsors for our sponsorship program. The new sponsors were able to meet their new sponsee and shared their own stories with us. It was very nice to fellowship with the church congregation.

Central Oregon Men’s Center

We had the wonderful opportunity to attend the David Crowder American Prodigal Tour concert featuring The Young Escape. Our students assisted with the teardown, opening us up for the opportunity to meet many band members. It was a great night of praise and worship, it is truly a blessing to see many people a part of the community of God gathering together.

It is a reminder to us and to our students of the faith community that is there to support one another and to grow alongside each other. Another facet of events like this is to show that people can have a great time without the use of substances. Learning how to enjoy life again with people, going out and doing activities. Praise God for the wonderful transformation going on in the lives of these men, here in Central Oregon!

Willamette Valley Men’s Center

This month the WVMC had the privilege to spend the day at Camp Tadmor. We were blessed with a day filled with lunch, paintball, and fishing. We sent a crew of volunteers to the camp the week prior and were able to do some work in order to get it ready for the season. This is a camp that caters not only to ministries like ours but also to schools for outdoor school. Our entire student body was able to attend along with families. We had a great time and are thankful to have been blessed with such a great day out.

Tri-Cities Men’s Center

The 2018 Spring Banquet for the Tri-Cities Campus was a success!  The students and alumni shared stories of hope through song and testimony and many needs were met. Thank you to all who came out and supported the event!

On top of scheduled devotions we have students volunteering to lead an optional bible study at night. It truly is a joy to see students pursuing Jesus in their free time. It is truly a blessing to grow alongside these men every day.

Portland Men’s Center

We have a new Director!

Terry VanAntwerp has taken over leadership of the Portland Men’s campus. This is Terry’s second tenure for the Pacific Northwest as previously he served as Director for the Center Oregon Men’s campus during its developmental years. He feels honored to be back and is very excited about the direction the Lord is leading.

We have a new facility and ministry team!

There have been many changes since Terry’s arrival. Not only have they hired a completely new staff, but the Lord has given them a new facility for this new chapter! We will be highlighting their new team in the upcoming updates.

The new location is located in Estacada, which is approximately 20 miles from our Thrift store on 82nd Avenue. The Lord has provided a beautiful former assisted living facility. This name of this facility was the Grace Place. It offered 30 rooms to those needing assistance for living.

We are very fond of the facilities’ name and our students and staff have commented that we need to keep it. We believe the Lord, in His divine providence, set that name in place knowing that we would soon be coming. In our opinion, every Teen Challenge program is a Grace Place!!

Currently, we are operating in the new location. This has been a huge undertaking but God has guided and protected during this process. The students have been very diligent to make this transition and they are very excited about their new residence.

We intend on having an open house in June. We would like to invite you all to come and see the new facility and learn about the vision God has placed on this ministry. We will be sending out an update on their progress and the date of the open house very soon.

With the all the changes happening at the Portland men’s campus, many needs have been identified along the way. Would you prayerfully consider how you may be able to partner with the rebirth of this ministry?

Here are some ways you can help move this ministry forward.

Education Department – Our Education Department needs to re-stock our curriculum base.

Much of our inventory is depleted and we need the funds to build back our inventory.

In addition, there are video series we need to purchase as well.

The Conquer Series – Helping Men work through sexual addiction and grow a better understanding of masculinity. Volume I and II   $800.00

Financial Freedom – Helping men understand the value of a dollar and make solid biblical financial choices for their families’ futures. Dave Ramsey – Foundations in Personal Finance $500.00

Seminar tables – We are designing our new classroom to enhance learning and promote group dynamics. 10 tables $75.00 per Table

We are currently raising $4000.00 for this project.

Work Experience Program – Hire us!! Provide real-life skills and work ethic for successful future employment.

The work experience program is a significant piece of the holistic approach needed for restoration and recovery. This segment provides an opportunity for businesses and homeowners to partner by allowing us to assist you with your projects.

Examples of projects we have assisted with in the past:

  • working in warehouses
  • helping people move
  • building fences
  • landscaping projects
  • assisting with painting needs
  • assembly projects
  • janitorial
  • labor force
  • security
  • venue support – setup and tear down
  • mailers
  • and many more…

Our organization provides insurance coverage for these projects. This affords peace of mind for our partners and also creates a very cost-effective way for you to complete your important projects. If you or someone else you know are interested in partnering with us, please give us a call and tell us about your project. We would love to help! These projects help us continue to keep the doors open and have a bed ready for the next student needing help.

Call – 503-230-1910

We thank you in advance for your support!

Tri-Cities Women’s Jail Outreach

Checking out at a local store, our executive director, Kathy was greeted by a new cashier. “Remember me? We knew each other in a very different place,” she said knowingly. Kathy glanced at her store badge and recognized her name. She didn’t look the same as she did in jail. Her eyes were bright and her smile was full of new life. “I’ve been out of jail and clean for 2 1/2 years now,” she whispered.  “Thank you for telling me that God loves me and can help me change my life. He really has! Your hope and encouragement made a real difference.

Spokane Men’s Center

We are in the middle of a major dorm makeover and were donated over $10,000 of industrial grade luxury vinyl flooring from Cost Less Carpet which will cover the entire project.  Another supporter is donating $1,500 worth of additional flooring supplies: cove base, floor primer and adhesive. Through out fundraising efforts we have been able to raise enough to purchase 50 metal bunk beds which should be arriving at our center by this weekend.  We will begin pulling up the old flooring next week and our students are excited about the upgrades!

We are preparing for our first annual ‘Ride for Hope’ motorcycle fundraiser.  Soul Patrol Ministries is coming alongside us to help organize this 100 mile ride which will end at our campus.  We will have live music, great food, fellowship and share stories of hope that are rooted in Adult & Teen Challenge.  If you like to ride or would like to volunteer for the event, please call the Spokane Men’s Campus at 509-244-5610.

Our entire student body is going on a missions trip, May 18th – 20th, to the community of Walla Walla, WA where we will get to serve on various work projects and practice the grace of ‘giving back.’  This is a great opportunity for our students to get away from the campus for a weekend, camp out in the woods and serve those in need.  Jesus modeled for us what it means to be a servant and we get the chance to put that into practice while enjoying the outdoors in Southeast Washington.

Missoula Women’s Center

We just had our 8th Annual Bowl-a-thon last Saturday night. A good time was had by all. The girls really pitched in beforehand and did a great job helping set up. The ladies felt like it was an act of worship to be able to bowl and know we were helping out a good cause with all the sponsors sponsoring them and they had a blast at the same time! Jan did a great job emceeing the event and gave out awards at the end. It was a very fun Saturday night out for a wonderful cause.

Here are some photos from our Clear Water Alliance outreach:

Eugene Women’s Center

Our most recent itineration service at Hopewell Community Church was a huge success! It was my first itineration service and it was an amazing experience. Not only did the women do a great job ministering through sharing their testimonies, but the church was incredibly supportive and generous; they fed us, filled our van with practical needs, and sent us home with a large financial donation. What a blessing! The women loved being able to meet with the congregation afterwards and hope was evident as they shared more and encouraged many members who have friends and family that are still lost in addiction. One of our girls who is normally shy and quiet in front of crowds surprised us all with her boldness when she spoke out that day.

The Lord is strengthening these women to share the good news he has planted in their hearts! At Hopewell we signed up two new sponsors and had several people request more information. That experience created an atmosphere of excitement for what God has in store for us at upcoming outreach opportunities and we are looking forward to our next service.

Up until now we have had two itineration’s this year, our third had to be canceled, and two community presentations; one at a youth group and another at a women’s conference at Grace Community Fellowship. Although we had to cancel our Mehama visit, their pastor still drove a car load of donations out to our center. What a blessing! We have picked up 13 new sponsors this year and hope for many more to come! It’s been a slow start but we will be presenting at 7 churches over the next 2 months, so we are making up for lost time! Earlier this year I met with a wonderful group of women from a church out in Brownsville. In May we will be attending a local mission’s conference at their church as well as hosting their youth group at our facility for a work day. We thank God for the connections we are making in the communities around us.

Alaska Men’s Center

Here’s a testimony from Kyle, one of our students:

My name is Kyle and I am from Kenai, Alaska. I am 31 years old and have struggled with addiction for about 15 years. I grew up going to church and attended a Christian school, however, I didn’t really apply the things I was being taught. I always rebelled against authority and spent a lot of time in the principal’s office. I was sneaky and had a bad temper. I started drinking and smoking pot in my early teens. I liked the way it made me feel and would often drink or smoke by myself. That is the way I have been throughout my addiction, I didn’t care about socializing, and I just wanted to escape reality any way I could.

When I was a senior in high school I injured my shoulder playing basketball, and started taking pain killers. I didn’t want to sit out my last year so I kept playing and taking pain killers whenever I re-injured my shoulder. I didn’t get addicted at that time but that’s where my opiate addiction started.

After high school I worked a couple different jobs and I learned to grow marijuana in my first apartment. I decided to move to Idaho and attend a junior college. I went to school for a semester there and began working at a hydroponic store. I got a house and started growing pot and selling it to my college friends. Marijuana funded my use of narcotics.

I went into a treatment program for the first time at 21. I had developed an opiate dependency and I knew that I needed to get help. I didn’t stay clean for long and learned how to use more efficiently while in treatment. I began using needles shortly after I relapsed. The next ten years was a vicious cycle of losing everything and going to another treatment program, getting back on my feet, then relapsing and repeating. I lived a very self-centered, meaningless and hopeless existence before coming to Adult & Teen Challenge here in Wasilla. Honestly, I didn’t want to continue living anymore. I was only willing to come here because I loved my family more than I hated myself and I had nowhere else to go. The last thing I wanted was a Christian program but I had tried everything else.

God does answer prayers. One of my mom’s friends had started a prayer chain for me several years ago and I can’t believe how many people have been a part of it. I receive letters of encouragement and cards from people that I’ve never met and who don’t know my family. Early on in my time here, these were the things that kept me hanging on. God would give me just enough each day to keep from walking out the door. I had been here for a month or so when God softened my heart enough to surrender my will and life to Him, which I have to do again and again as I started to take it back. I suddenly had hope again for the first time in a long time.

I understand the concept of grace because of the grace I’ve been shown by the staff and interns here. I was very angry and hateful when I arrived here but they showed me love and were patient with me. They waited for the miracle to happen, and it did. The transformation that has taken place is hard to believe… if you’re not a believer. However, there is no denying that I have been drastically changed, whether you believe that Jesus is the reason for the change or not. 

I’ve learned quite a few things in Teen Challenge. Here are a couple:  Christianity is about a personal relationship with Jesus. I have the most joy and peace when I am spending time in prayer and reading His word. He is the source of my strength when I am weak and He is my refuge in the storm. Only He can take a hateful, self-centered person like me and teach him to love and serve others. I don’t get it right every day and I don’t have to. It’s about progress not being perfect. Thank God for grace, for Teen Challenge and for moms that don’t give up on their kids. I plan on doing a mission trip this winter after I graduate in the fall. I am excited to see what God has for me next.


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