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Uganda Situation Overview


Our world cannot run effectively if the people in it are broken, disconnected and out of touch with themselves and each other.

Granted one may not be able to influence an entire universe in one go but one can gradually touch the universe by influencing an entire community. It is against this backdrop that Teen Challenge Uganda is building a ‘village’ – a community of people that will be empowered to be influencers wherever they go.

This community will include:

rehabilitation centre


mental health clinic

leadership academy for the community and farms

The Problem

Northern Uganda has for a long time been a defenseless and almost hopeless population due to the devastation brought about by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) over a period of more than two decades.

This conflict left the region terrorised and prostrate. The war was one characterised by indiscriminate killings and violent deaths, maiming of civilians, abduction of women and children for use as sex slaves (rape and defilement) and fighters, arson, mass displacement of people and cases of torture.

Gulu, which is in the Acholi region of Northern Uganda, has since been on a journey of recovery. It is slowly starting to thrive; some people have reconnected with their families, businesses are continually emerging, infrastructure rising and people generally getting back into the normal order of life.

All this looks progressive on the outside but dig deeper and you will discover an imbalanced recovery and lots of concealed scars. Some people are only seemingly coping; others are not coping at all, still in pain and haunted by the war.

Former abductees are still facing stigmatisation, countless people still coming to grips with the loss of their loved ones, children orphaned and haunted by the atrocious things they were forced to do while they were abducted, youth struggling with unemployment heightened by a lack of education, the maimed still dealing with being limbless, lipless and earless, fathers and young men barely understand leadership, mothers too broken to nurture and young ones uncertain with a lack of identity.

The scars of the people in Gulu run deep; and to cope some have either turned to alcohol and drugs, or become resigned to life, are bitter and angry, and many hopeless – searching for answers, looking for direction. Various individuals still grapple with seeing themselves as people of great potential and purpose.

What we still need:

A clean water source

Construction of buildings

Crop storage capacity

More agricultural production capacity

Farming equipment

Financial support

How you can help:

With your skills, you can be a part of this, come help us build this community

Put together a mission’s team and come and help out either for a short time or a long time

One off or monthly giving or even annual

Be our ambassador reach out to 20 of your friends together you can raise $2000

Pray for us!


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